Asphalt Damage: How It Can Affect You and Your Business

A new and freshly installed asphalt pavement is bound to suffer wear and tear over time. Whether they are minor cracks, tiny potholes, or a small area of depression, these flaws are unavoidable and they start to show up once your pavement is exposed to damaging natural elements.

It’s easy to turn a blind eye on these inconvenient things when you’re a business owner yourself. Busy with tons of paperwork and tasks to do, who would have the time to be troubled by a tiny crack on your driveway, right?

But guess what? These damages, although nothing significant at first, can lead you to serious problems if you continue ignoring them. In more ways than one, asphalt damage can ruin both you and your business in the long run. How? Let’s take a closer look at a number of consequences that might happen to you and your business if you don’t fix your driveway or parking lot damages ASAP.

1. Repair and replacement will cost you a fortune.

It’s easy to think that professional paving companies are only trying to make a profit out of you when they offer a repair or maintenance package. Although it may look just like a salesman marketing his products to you, it’s important to take note of the benefits that you actually get from their services and offers before you say no to them.

Have you ever seen a small crack at the side of your driveway? It’s nothing big, really. But a couple of months later, you see a huge spider web pattern of cracks that have grown on the exact same spot! This is a common result of neglected asphalt damage that has expanded through time. Without immediate treatment and repair, small cracks can grow and cause more chaos on your pavement.

Instead of paying a small amount for minor repairs initially, you’ll end up exhausting your income from covering major repairs and resurfacing. Before you neglect your driveway or parking lot and say no to any of these repair and maintenance services, try to think long-term. Choose the option that will get you out of expensive repair and resurfacing fees.

2. It can possibly ruin your business image.

First impressions last. So if you want to get a positive impact from your customers even before they enter your building, level up your property aesthetics by getting your driveway or parking lot a regular repair and maintenance. A well-maintained property leaves the impression that property management is performed excellently by the owners. Not only does it give your property a good look, but it also builds and maintains a positive and trustworthy business image from your customers.

Consequently, a damaged and neglected pavement will only do the exact opposite. No customer would want to park at a badly conditioned parking facility or pass by a bumpy driveway entry. It gives off a vibe of untrustworthiness, and what’s worse? This negative impression can lead to your customers opting to go to other stores instead. A sale you could’ve made easily is taken away by a poorly maintained pavement.

3. Injuries on your property will be your financial liability.

Asphalt damage can pose a hazard to your customers. Especially for high-traffic areas, pavement damages can be a risk to your customers’ safety and comfort. Tripping, slipping, or falling may seem to be minor accidents but they can escalate quickly. A customer can break a bone or fall badly because of poorly built parking or driveway facilities within your property. If this happens, it is your responsibility to cover medical expenses. Not only that but they may also file charges for potentially putting their safety in danger.

If you want to get out of a possibly massive financial liability, perform proper upkeep to keep your facilities in good shape. Prevention is better than cure has never been more fitting in these situations.

4. It can diminish your property’s market value.

Part of being a business owner is keeping your property’s market value in check. In case you have plans of selling it in the future, investing in regular maintenance and repairs can help you keep its value high and reasonable. You get to improve its net value and at the same time, improve its visual appeal substantially too. Attract more potential clients with a new and polished exterior look!

On the other hand, a damaged pavement on a property will do you no good if you have plans of reselling. To be straightforward, no buyer would want a property that has suffered way too many damages already. It will be a hassle for the client to shoulder the repairs so ready-to-use properties standout the most. Unless you do the repairs and resurfacing yourself, you will have trouble finding an interested client.

Are you seeing signs of asphalt damage on your commercial property? Don’t let them ruin your business! Talk to your paving contractor in Georgia to get professional help. From commercial parking lot repairs and maintenance to driveway resurfacing, this professional paving contractor will provide you with a wide array of paving solutions. If you’re ready to build and upgrade your business, take your first step with the experts!