The 4 Best Holidays for Adventure Lovers

Most tourists enjoy relaxing holidays in foreign countries, sunbathing on the beach or swimming in a five-star resort’s luxury pool. However, some people just don’t find this kind of vacation satisfying. They travel because they want adventure and escapism as opposed to rest and relaxation. If you are one of these people, then you’re probably wondering what to do for your next getaway. Fortunately for you, we have some great recommendations to share today. Read on to find out our top 4 holidays for adventure lovers.

1. Camping

Camping is one of the very best holidays out there for adventure lovers. It puts your survival skills into practice as you cook for yourself, create your own shelter, endure the elements and stay out in the wilderness. What’s also great about camping is that it brings you closer to nature. There’s something liberating about escaping from manmade metropolises and waking up surrounded by greenery and the earth as it was intended to be.

2. Motorhome

For those who love roads trips and the idea of embarking on an epic odyssey, then a motorhome holiday is perfect for you. Once again, you are entirely self-sufficient on these types of getaways, injecting an element of excitement into your trip. Unlike camping, where you are limited to travelling on foot and carrying all your equipment around, the scope of a motorhome holiday is far bigger. You can drive anywhere you like – across countries and borders or wherever else your wanderlust takes you. We recommend buying a luxury campervan from, so you can see the wonders of the world from your own home.

3. Barge

We’ve talked loads about travelling across the land – but what if you’re someone who wants to explore the rivers and oceans? Well, in that case, we think that holidaying on a barge is the way to go. For those who aren’t aware, a barge is a type of boat people use to travel along rivers and canals. There are hundreds of holiday companies across the world that will allow you to hire one out and travel wherever the waterways take you. It’s a brilliant opportunity if you’re a fan of swashbuckling adventures.

4. Backpacking

The ultimate form of adventure holiday, backpacking is perfect for those who want to travel independently and at a low-cost. Hop from hostel to hostel, carrying only the necessities for living in your bag. What’s particularly great about backpacking is that you can explore both nature and the city. Some people like travelling through Europe, whilst others might prefer something a little more extreme, such as hiking through the Himalayas. There is something incredibly appealing about stripping everything back to the basics with backpacking holidays. They are certain to curb the adventure-lover’s appetite.

These are our top holiday recommendations for people who want to go on an adventure for their next getaway. Enjoy learning how to become more self-sufficient whilst also getting closer to nature and recentring yourself.