Back Pain Management in Austin

Back pain can be disruptive if it does not improve within a few weeks. It may become severe, causing disability and reducing the quality of your life. If back pain has become a debilitating factor in your life, you should see a specialist to manage it. In Austin and Georgetown, Texas, Republic Spine & Pain provides several pain management treatments to manage back pain.

Interventional pain management specialists at Republic Spine & Pain are among the best for back pain in Austin. These specialists understand that to manage your pain effectively, a combined self and multidisciplinary management method are needed. The board-certified specialists customize your treatment using such a method to give you specific treatment and quality results you deserve.

Facts about Back Pain

Back pain is mainly caused by weak interactions of bones, tendons, ligaments, discs, and muscles that can be caused by an injury or a medical condition. The resulting symptoms from such interactions can be pain, stiffness in the back, or experiencing numbness in the legs. The pain may also be a result of more severe but rare causes such as displacement of one vertebral body onto another, fungal infections in the spine, loss of nerve function, and nonmalignant tumor in the spine.

There are ways to relieve pain by yourself. However, you should be guided by a specialist according to your diagnosis. This means that upon experiencing back pain, you should see a doctor for guidance. You may be guided to stay active, do back exercises and stretches, use over the counter painkillers, use hot and cold packs, or relax and stay positive. 

Self-treatments might not work alone, and that’s why specialists at Republic Spine & Pain combine them with multidisciplinary treatments. The treatment is done after the cause of your pain is diagnosed. X-rays, electromyography, and MRIs are some of the diagnostic tests done to provide more information on your back pain.

Diagnosis helps in customizing the treatment, and depending on the findings, you may be treated through the following treatments:

Physical therapy. It may involve the specialist messaging you carefully to apply force to the joints, bones, and muscles around your spine.

Epidural injections. This treatment involves delivering medication to the epidural space in the spinal cord.

Spinal infusions. It is recommended only in severe conditions such as bone damage in your back. Vertebrae are fused and strengthened.

Vertebroplasty. It is designed to treat back pain as a result of fractures from vertebral compressions. It also treats spine deformation.

Radiofrequency nerve ablation. A specialized device is used to disrupt nerve conduction.

Other treatments include Vertiflex® Superion®, spinal cord stimulator, percutaneous disc decompression, intrathecal injections, discography, medial branch nerve blocks, selective nerve root blocks, sympathetic ganglion blocks, and trigger point injections.

The interventional pain management specialists at Republic Spine & Pain may recommend lifestyle changes for better and permanent results. 

Back pain should not be a disability. It would be good if your life quality and happiness remain high for your overall well-being. Please make an appointment at Republic Spine & Pain to begin healing your back pain today.