How to Eliminate the Excess Fat and Skin in the Tummy

A flat and firm abdomen gives you a body contour so beautiful that it lifts your confidence. However, some excess skin and fat may develop in the lower abdomen due to several reasons, such as multiple pregnancies in women or maybe due to weight loss in both men and women.

A tummy tuck is an ideal way to attain a more toned, pleasing, and flattened abdomen that improves your general appearance. It is a surgical procedure that should be carried out by expert professionals only for natural-looking results with as few scars as possible. Many tummy tuck doctors are out there, and therefore you should ensure to find only the best.

A board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jason Leedy of Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute located in Cleveland, OH, is an expert professional who can give you the best results you deserve. He customizes the tummy tuck to give you your desired outcomes in the best procedure that suits you.

Types of Tummy Tucks

Through experience, Dr. Leedy understands that patients have different concerns, and the goals sought can be achieved differently. Thus, three types of a tummy tuck can be done, depending on specific concerns you may have. They include:

Mini-Tummy Tuck

It is done to improve the lower abdomen with less extensive surgery. It can be done if your concern is stretch marks and loose skin below the belly button.

Full Tummy Tuck

It can be done when your concern is the roundness and folding of excess skin below your belly button. It may yield the best results as it concerns the entire abdominal wall length.

Extended Tummy Tuck

If you have lost much weight and the results are a sagging skin or your abdominal muscles have loosened due to multiple pregnancies, an extended tummy tuck can address such.

How the Procedure is Done

When you visit Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute for a tummy tuck, Dr. Leedy carries out the procedure by first administering general anesthesia for your comfort during the surgery. He then makes a careful incision in your lower abdomen, where he stretches and tightens the area by pulling down the skin and fat.  This procedure enables him to remove excess fat and trim excess skin, smoothing it against your abdomen. He then carefully closes and dresses the incision.

For a mini-tummy tuck, a single incision is made, while for a classic tummy tuck, a second incision may be made to remove excess skin above the belly button. In the extended tummy tuck, a longer incision is made as it addresses excess skin in the upper and lower abdomen. 

Dr. Leedy performs most of the tummy tuck procedures on an outpatient basis, as most of them take about three hours so that you can go home after recovery. For the first week, you can expect to be uncomfortable and sore, and you should rest. After two to three weeks, you can be able to go back to your job, depending on how physically demanding your job is.

For whatever concerns you may have, getting rid of that excess skin and fat in your tummy may require more than simple workouts. To learn more about a tummy tuck, you can consult with professionals such as Dr. Leedy by making an appointment at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute.