Beginners Guide to Shooting Etiquette

To be the best shooter possible it is imperative that you have two things – Lots of common sense and basic good manners! It is vital that you can carry yourself appropriately at all times and that you can conduct yourself in all of the proper ways when out shooting. This however can of course be difficult for beginners whom don’t yet understand correct shooting etiquette, but don’t worry. Today we are here to provide shooting beginners with some sound advice, which will hopefully enable as many new shooters as possible to feel confident about their shooting etiquette at all times. These tips will also allow shooters to make friends within the shooting community!

Shooting Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Replying to shooting invitations – Whenever you are invited to a shoot you should reply as promptly as possible. This is because the host will likely be trying to create a team and will have to find a replacement should you not be able to attend.

Tipping – The keeper’s tip can often be hard to determine but the best policy is to let your host decide so that your whole team can tip accordingly and fairly. In the past people used to generally tip £30 for the first 100 birds and £10 per bird thereafter however this is now highly negotiable.

Deciding what to wear – When you think of shooting clothes I bet tweed comes to mind however there are now many different clothing choices available for shooters! The most important thing is to dress for the weather so that you are not going to be too hot or cold and to wear high-quality protection such as goggles or a mask.

Air guns – It is important that you take a high quality air gun with you to all shoots. You could either look at quality air guns for sale from companies such as Solware, or choose to hire one for your first few shoots before you make any decisions. If you buy a new gun or rent one you should practice shooting with it in advance to going out into the field so that you can get used to it.

Drinking at a shooting lunch – Alcohol is usually offered to those shooting at breaks and lunch periods however you should only have one. Don’t forget that you are still going to be in charge of a firearm. Save drinking till after shooting is finished where possible.

Thanking your host – You should always thank your shooting host for providing you with a great day! You can do this either verbally or in writing and could even consider buying them a gift – This is sure to get you on the invite list for the next exciting shooting event.

These are only some of the general rules to follow when looking to boast the best shooting etiquette too! If you want to learn even more great tips don’t hesitate to contact Solware, a leading gun supplier today, or alternatively you could join a shooters club close to you.