Vital Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressors are important to many people, both individuals and businesses, all year round – used to supply air to different parts of various machines through converting power into energy.

In the industrial world air compressors are generally heavily relied on, crucial to many companies not only in the auto-industry but also including businesses such as shops, dine-ins and corporate workplaces.

Machines can get incredibly hot in short period of times – and this is where air compressors really can come in handy. Air compressor use is known to cut labour costs for companies, this is because they can complete applications much faster than anyone could by hand, making for the easiest and most efficient work.

Because of this if you are currently looking for an air compressor we don’t blame you! However, it is important that you also consider what hose connectors you need to get alongside your compressor so that you can really get the most out of it.

Some of the most popular types of air compressor accessories, which should definitely be consider, include:

Hose – When buying air compressors many people also purchase an air hose of some sort. A hose is an attachment used between air compressors and tools/machines still being used, and of course is a vital component. A lot of applications using air compressors cannot even be conducted without air hose, and for this reason you may find that a lot of air compressors for sale also come with hose.  There are two main types of hose used with compressors and these are recoil hoses and retractable hoses.

Hose reel – As well as having hose with your air compressor, it is often a good idea to have hose reel. Hose reels are great as they allow people to safely store their hose, protecting it from damage that could otherwise be caused from bending. There are many different styles of hose reel available, catering for all types and length of hose.

Air regulator – It is a good idea to get an air regulator when you get an air compressor so that you can regulate things according to the machine that you are using and lower air pressure when needed. This allows for machines to be as efficient and functional as possible.

Attachments – After this the accessories that you need will likely depend heavily on your intended applications, with different applications requiring different accessories and attachments. Some attachments that are popularly used alongside compressors of this type include nail guns, blowguns, drills and paint sprayers.

Luckily for all many air compressor suppliers also sell accessories and attachments for their customers to use alongside them – Allowing for people to purchase everything that they need in one place.