Best Keurig Coffee Machines 2019

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If you are a person who is looking for the simplest way to use the coffee machine then you should go with Keurig.

  • The Keurig coffee machines are already common in the United States of America and even across it. But the latest model is turning out to be the most advanced technology in this industry
  • Their K-Cup pods are no more excitement for me because Keurig is offering a lot more in their new coffee machines.
  • The most appealing feature is the chilled Brew Over Ice option that allows you to make your favorite delicious fluffy, creamy and cold coffee in the summer month. 
  • Well, you can buy the machine is $127 but you should also include the cost of k-cups and that will make around to $170. 

If you are a person who gets lost in the fragrance and sound of grinding coffee beans and it makes you leave your warm and cozy bed then you are also addicted. Keurig’s coffee makers are the perfect choice for your kitchen due to being reliable in delivering user-friendly machines. They keep customer comfort on top priority and make sure that the machine requires minimum human participation. As well all know that making a cup of coffee in such a short time of morning is not possible.

Keurig machines are simple and easy but they also come with a few hitches. One of the most prominent disadvantages is that you can only use their designed K-cups. So no matter how much coffee you want to drink the machine only contains space for a specifically sized cup. Throughout their time in the market, the company has never produced many variations in their cup sizes. One of the most in-depth guides on the best Keurig coffee maker is on a site called Espresso Gurus. This is why I highly encourge you to visit Espresso Gurus if you’re in the middle of deciding on a new Keurig Coffee maker for your home or office. 

To be honest I am not the biggest fan of instant coffee makers but the Keurig K-Elite coffee makers have changed everything. I can’t ignore the impact of K-cups on the environment despite the option that you can eliminate the pod components to recycle them still it is a lot of effort to put in just to eliminate it. Well after realizing the intensity of this issue Keurig came up with an initiative of selling the reusable cups and it has committed to convert the K-cup into an eco-friendly product by the end of 2020. You can check out the following link to review the reusable K-cup coffee filters on Amazon.

Well if you focus on the feature of customization then the new K-Elite coffee maker is the best and complete coffee customizer in any Keurig single cup coffee. 

The strong brew button enhances the strength and flavor of your coffee as compared to the coffee made without pressing that button. Following features of the K-Elite are useful and they standout. 

The main and my favorite feature is the addition of Iced Coffee setting that allows you to taste the actual cold coffee instead of getting a watered-down taste that you usually get when you drizzle hot coffee on ice. It’s not exactly how a cold coffee from a nearby coffee shop tastes but it for sure satisfies the cravings. It’s also a single click option all you have to do is set the temperature between the limit of 187 and 192 degrees. As the temperature can also change the flavor. 

The new creation of Keurig contains a huge 75-ounce water tank that allows you to make around 8 cups of coffee before a refill. This inclusion is not found in any other coffee makers. There is an option that also allows you to brew a variety of cup sizes between 4 to 12 ounces. The quantity of the coffee is unidentified but it can give up to 8, 10 and 12 ounces.

I hate warming up the water separately and this machine also warms up the water by itself. So no need to put the kettle to work and you can also use the hot water for other things as well. On top of all Keurig machines are the least noisy, energy-efficient and fast as well. So you can get an all-rounder, eco-friendly machine in Brushed Silver or Brushed Slate in just $170.