Best Study Tables with Bookshelf Designs for Kids

When you have a little champion growing in your household, it is never easy to manage all the mess that gets created, whether toys or scattered books all around the house. Some of their toys can be dangerous too, as there is an easy chance of adults tripping over them. This is when you must allocate a dedicated space for your children to play or study. This teaches a very important life lesson of being organized and at the same time enjoying what they love.

How do you teach your kids all of it? Give them their own space which they need to maintain. How do you achieve that? Start with a study table!

Getting them a study table with bookshelf is the first thing they need.

It provides a conducive space for fun and serious learning. But unlike a regular study desk, it is different in textures, finish, laminates, materials used, and most important the dimensions. Not only a table, but a matching chair is something that you should consider too.

Let us look at some study table with bookshelf designs that your kids will love:

Polychromatic Design

Colors liven up the place. They are not just attractive for kids, but also an excellent mood lifter. So get some colors into the room of your child through a bright study table that will add to its beauty. The combination of a blue tabletop with orange, blue and white on shelves and drawers looks mesmerizing. Criss-cross bookshelves bring some patterns along with colors to the table.

Castle Engineered Wood Study Table by HomeTown is bright table design that’ll be surely appreciated by your little one. The glossy finish makes cleaning an easy task. Not to mention, the bookshelf compartments can neatly store all those activity and drawing books for your little Picasso.

Modern Study Table Design

Kids being kids love to scribble on their tabletops more than books and papers. Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. Here we have a table design from which cleaning their modern-day paintings on the desk is a breeze. Not only kids, but even adults can jot down quick thoughts on the desk itself. Talk about versatility!

Anton Study Table from Urban Ladder is the perfect modern design that you can get a total worth for all your monies. The smooth design has a modern appeal to it.

Comfortable and Organized Study Table

Smooth corners and proper spaces to arrange your books is the design language for these kinds of study tables. The neatly partitioned shelves make it easy to segregate all types of study materials that would be needed by a student. We all know, there’s no one book size. Books come in different sizes and they can be organized into different compartments made for lots of storage.

Quantum Engineered Wood Study Table by HomeTown has a cabinet with partitioned shelves. Available in walnut color, it gives a rich contrast look.

Wall for Study Table Design

A minimalist design is difficult to implement but when successfully done, it is sure to earn some appreciation. You kids will also love the open design that makes it less of a cluttered space. All of it without losing on some useful storage space. A storage tower stands beside the desk to keep books at the right place then and there. Not to mention, the drawers come handy when your kids work with some loose sheet of papers.

All of this can be found in Adolf Kids Study Table with Drawers on Wooden Street. It is available in three finishes, honey, teak and walnut, just to match your perfect bedroom decor.

Roller Coaster Study Table Design

This design experiments with patterns in your study table. As the name suggests, the shelves are placed not in a uniform pattern to add a design cue to it. You can use the pre-fitted designer bulletin board to pin your child’s creatives. While engineered wood is a long-lasting option, it adds a vibrant effect with the various finishes that it is available in. Bookshelves with large spaces help in encouraging a reading habit for your child.

Roller Coaster Study Table in Yellow by Boingg! is a design that goes up and down with its misaligned bookshelf. It is available on Pepperfry in your child’s favoritecolor option. The printed upholstered pin board can store all your notes and memories too!

Check out the above options to rediscover home decor options for you tiny tots. Taking into account their preferences and age are the key parameters that help in selecting the most desirable study table for them.