Best Ways to Use Kratom Powder in Your Daily Life

Kratom is a great supplement, but it is very repulsive to the tongue. It has a horrible taste that will linger in the mouth even after you have taken it. A good way to take the powder would be to use a method that doesn’t involve tasting it. However, good quality kratom is always in the form of fine powders which not only comes with the awful taste but can potentially choke if one is not keen when taking it. However, you should not suffer in despair simply because you want to use the kratom powder, but you dread the bitterness and the lingering taste.

Here is a brief look at some of the best ways to use the powder in your daily life:

The toss and wash method

This is one of the most common approaches to taking kratom. With this method, all you do is toss the powder in your mouth and then drink it down with a liquid, usually water. To avoid the lingering taste, you can hold the powder in the back of the mouth and the trough, just as you normally do when you gurgle so that when you finally swallow, not a lot of the mixture will remain trapped in the mouth region. Additionally, you can consider taking lots of fluid, either water or fresh fruit juices to help ease the bitterness and the awful taste.

Mix it with drinks

Perhaps the best way to take kratom is to take it the same way it is taken in Southeast Asia where it originated. The majority of the people who take kratom in this region use the toss and wash method, though a good number of them prefer to mix the powder with foods or liquids. It is very popular to find people making vile with it so that they take it more comfortably, and with reduced irritation to the mouth. Additionally, due to the popularity of kratom in the region, there are lots of bars selling alcohol-free kratom cocktails where the powders are mixed with fruity, thick drinks to dilute the bad taste of the kratom powder. You can also adopt such an approach if you want an easy way to take your daily dose of kratom. In addition to hiding the taste, the thick drinks will also hide the texture of the powder.

Mix it with food

The other way to use kratom powder is to simply mix it with food. The idea is to avoid the bad taste in your mouth, and since you don’t have to take large quantities of the powder, it is very easy to hide the taste by mixing it with food in the same manner you can mix it with drinks as discussed above. No evidence is there to suggest that taking it this way may hinder its effectiveness or lowers its bioavailability once it gets into the body. When you do this, however, ensure that you consume the entire food portion to which you added the powder. Leaving some will reduce the amount of kratom you have taken, hence, resulting in you taking less than what was recommended. For more information, visit: