How Doctors Make Money Online?

Everything has transformed into digital lately due to the progress of technology in all fields, this also applies to medicine as medicine has gone digital too, now you can make a consultation online with a doctor in another country, you can send your radiographs to a radiologist in USA while you are in India and get a report within 24 hours but what about doctors themselves, how this affected them and do they make more money online due to this transformation?

Certainly, the answer for this question is a big YES, doctors can make money online now by multiple ways, the easiest and best way to make money online is to answer paid surveys, pharma and medical companies use these surveys to build their marketing campaigns and doctors insights are highly needed to do that, this is why they pay doctors very good money to encourage them to answer surveys and FacMedicine is one of the best networks of verified doctors that offer paid surveys for doctors whatever their country or their specialty, they act like a mediator who receives survey requests from pharma and medical companies and build the suitable survey then they send this survey for the target audience. For example a company like Pfizer is going to launch a new medication for hepatitic in an area like Middle East so they build the survey and its answers then they send the survey for the registered doctors in Middle East who are specialized in Internal Medicine, this saves money and time for the company and it is also a way of revenue for the doctors and the website FacMedicine.

Tele-medicine is the 2nd best revenue stream for doctors online, they call it the virtual clinic because the doctor owns his/her own clinic online and consult his/her patients easily without barriers either through video calls, voice calls or even chatting, it fits some specialties more than the others for example it is easier for a dermatologist to consult a patient online than a surgeon do, it is also perfect for psychiatric patients who dont like to go for a psychiatrist and prefer to make a barrier to be able to talk freely in secret issues.

In addition to these 2 revenue streams mentioned above, doctors can make good money through medical transcription, translation, insurance reviews or blogging…. etc. Furthermore, with advanced medical technologies new jobs are created daily in fields like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, big data and more, scientists claim that a specialty like radiology will fade with the advancement of artificial intelligence as later the machines will be able to diagnose patients without the need for doctors to write a report or re-check the radiographs.

In light of the above, it is obvious that doctors can make very good money online without the need to go anywhere and digital work can be more profitable for doctors than other traditional jobs in hospitals and clinics, doctors are lucky because of that but if only they discovered the opportunity and invested their time to push it toward the success.

The problem here is that, doctors are generally more traditional people, they used to be nerd students during high school and medical school, they study more than anyone else and they continue studying till they die, thus, they don’t have time to check new technologies or new revenue streams and even when they find it they prefer the traditional ways because it is more safe with less risks from their point of view.

Finally, my advice for doctors is to search for the new ways because the old ways are fading gradually and they have to start searching from now, the traditional medicine will never disappear but it is a rule that people who discover the potential opportunities earlier make the best of it easier.