Boost your Retail Business with Power Couple POS and ERP

ERP advantages and benefits are not hidden from anyone. With the beginning of the digital era, 2020, we are seeing new trends and techniques that emerging businesses are adopting to embark on their journey of success. Adopting a smart enterprise at the organization is the next big thing spreading like anything in the market to give a new edge to your business.

Not just it streamlines your business processes rending you a 360-degree view and control over operations but also the intelligence to make strategic business decisions. Robust ERP systems like SAP Business ByDesign covers nearly all the industries to cater to their industry-specific challenges. There are even certain add-ons that make the solution even special making it a one-stop-solution for all your requirements. Also, to further add to its capabilities and solve your daily challenges – the right SAP Business ByDesign partner can customize the solution and enhance its efficiencies even more.

Now, talking specifically about the retail business ERP, SAP has got some cool features too. But, what if you already have different software for particular functions and users at your organization are comfortable too with the same, but, on the other hand, the system is not integrated with other processes and you need to have one solution to handle other processes? Well, worry not – SAP Business ByDesign has got you covered with its unique features and capabilities.

SAP Business ByDesign can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems rendering you more efficient business processes. For example, let’s discuss in detail what ERP together with POS (point of sales) system is capable of doing?

What is POS in Retail Business and What it can do with ERP

POS system is the platform where customers make the payments of their purchased items, and it keeps the complete record of order history, payment, transaction, bills, invoices, and further activities. This way, it provides you the power to offer relevant product deals and convert opportunities into leads.

It is a smart and intelligent system well-known among the retailers to seamlessly execute their business operations. When such a system is paired with an ERP, its efficiencies are enhanced manifolds.

Let’s see what ERP together with POS can do:

  1. Insights anytime anywhere: This powerful pair can empower you with detailed information on fingertips from any location. With detailed data in well-organized presentations and illustrations make a big difference when it comes to making critical decisions.
  2. Integration: Not just sales and purchase, but an integrated system can align and organize your end-to-end business management.
  1. Accurate data: Maybe your POS system gives you accurate figures but while migrating it to different software or entering manually, you may experience some loss of information. With this coupled pair, there’s absolutely no possibility of errors.
  1. Better supply management: This intelligently paired system renders you complete visibility over the stock situation and controls over-stock and under-stock situations.

The good news for the leaders who are planning to switch to the best ERP software in India, like SAP Business ByDesign is that the software has in-built POS features. That means you need not spend separately on POS software.