Ways to Make the Workplace More Comfortable for Employees and Buying the Big Berkey Water Filter is a Good Start

The workplace needs to be comfortable. Going to work is already stressful enough for many people. Asking them to work in a terrible environment will most likely lead to resignation. You don’t want to lose some of the best people in your team because they disliked the work environment. Start by improving the common areas such as the pantry. It’s a place where everyone takes a break after hours of work. It’s also an opportunity to unwind or even grab something to eat when stressed. Use the big Berkey water filter so that everyone has something clean to drink. Don’t let your employees drink from tap water sources since it might be contaminated. You don’t want them to get ill at work. There might even be an outbreak as a result of these waterborne pathogens.

Another way to improve the pantry is by providing free snacks for everyone. Your employees will appreciate this gesture. Working for hours could be exhausting, and a pantry filled with snacks is like a paradise for them. It’s the least you can do to make them motivated to work. Besides, if they’re productive, it’s also a good thing for the business. Apart from the pantry, these are other ways to improve the workplace.

Provide all the supplies

Employees don’t want to have lending tasks because there are missing supplies. Make sure you refill the supplies corner with what the employees need, including the printer’s cartridge. It’s usually the issue, and it delays the completion of the tasks. You need to have a supplies officer who will conduct an inventory and guarantee that the office doesn’t run out of the required supplies.

Eliminate the open office setup

You might think that having an open office is ideal. It became a norm among big tech companies. It’s said to help boost productivity. The truth is that it’s a stressful setup. Instead of focusing on the job, employees get distracted. Some employees keep talking to each other or even play games in the middle of work hours. Not everyone is comfortable with this arrangement. You have to return to the usual setup where each employee has a corner for work. You can add a common room or even an entrainment room for those who can work better in a less formal setting.

Make sure employees can practice social distancing

The office could be a perfect place for the spread of the virus. Everyone is working closely. The best way to socially distance is by going back to the cubicle style desk. It would help if you also placed the tables apart. Remind everyone always to practice social distancing. It would be terrible if employees have to go back to the work from the home arrangement if there’s an infection spread at work.

Provide a green space

Even the best workplaces can be stressful. Employees need a break, especially during tense situations. When there are arguments during a meeting, some employees couldn’t take it. Having a green space is ideal since it offers a place to breathe. Mental health is essential, and employees couldn’t keep what they feel to themselves. It’s also not ideal to stay in the same place when it’s already tense. Providing a green space is useful. It’s a place to unwind and get rid of stress even for a few minutes.

Open your doors

You have to open your door as the head of the group literally. When you’re an executive, you might have a closed-door office, and only important people can come and see you. There’s even an appointment system for those who wish to speak with you. Eliminate this policy and make yourself more accessible. If employees have issues, you need to be open to a conversation. Don’t make them fear raising concerns to you. It also helps you determine what employees think about. You can even prevent disputes among employees if issues can be elevated to your office easily.

Going to work is already tiring. Having a terrible and inaccessible boss makes things worse. Try to be more open to everyone and avoid thinking highly of yourself. You have to work as a team, and having access to you is critical.

Provide a wellness program

Some employees need an after-work activity for physical and mental health. You can offer a wellness program which is free for all. Yoga sessions are excellent. You can also have dance classes. Not everyone can afford to go to the gym, and these activities are great. You can also help everyone stay physically and mentally fit.

Hire cleaning staff

Keeping the workplace clean is vital in making it a better place for everyone. No one wants to work in a messy and disorganized office. The cleaning staff will maintain cleanliness, regularly empty the bin, and disinfect surfaces. The cleanliness of the area can also affect how people work. Make it easier to focus by hiring cleaning staff.

Improve the relationship among employees

It’s not only the work area that matters. The environment is also critical. You want your employees to feel relaxed the moment they set foot in the office. They already anticipate a long day due to the tasks that need to be finished. You don’t want them to hate working even more because of their fellow employees. Improve the bond among these employees by providing team building activities. You should also improve the relationship by having a no-tolerance policy for bullies. If there are complaints related to workplace harassment and related matters, you have to investigate right away. Be fair in the investigation and let the accused suffer the consequences if proven guilty. Never allow the culture of impunity to foster in the workplace.

These changes will make everyone feel better at work. You can see a change in behavior and even the level of productivity. Don’t forget to ask for feedback and institute changes based on what your employees suggest. Show to them that they matter to you, and they’re crucial to the success of the company.