Can A Good Introduction Be The Key To Success?

Each text has its beginning, and the scientific text also has its clear structure, which introduces the reader to the essence of the work. This is the introduction that makes the first impression of your scientific work. But at the same time, the introduction should squeeze out the key aspects, but not reveal them.

So what contains the structure of the introduction?

All research projects, including theses, have the same structure:

  • In the first place the relevance of this work – the importance of the topic for science. It reflects the depth of scientific literature study, statistical data;

Emphasizing that the issues on the topic have not yet been fully resolved and require additional study, we designate the problems of the text;

  • It is also worth identifying the general field of science and a specific area or feature of the object that will be studied – the object and subject of research;
  • You can put forward any assumption about the subject being studied, before starting work. Such a hypothesis can be confirmed or refuted after the study;
  • By defining the purpose of the work and its tasks (ways of achieving), we help the reader understand why it is being carried out and what its main part will consist of;
  • Next, you should describe researching methods, ways of studying an object, and a subject. They can be theoretical, and practical;
  • It should be noticed that you are planning to obtain new information useful for science. It is also necessary to indicate where, how, and when the results of the research were or can be applied;
  • Finally, it is worth emphasizing what chapters are in the work.
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