Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help You Get Stronger?


In America, around 22 million people visit chiropractic clinics annually to get access to non-invasive treatments for several conditions. When you get help from a chiropractor New York NY, you will experience professional hands-on spinal manipulation to help restore your mobility and relieve your pain. But can chiropractic adjustments make you stronger?

The Theory Behind Chiropractic Adjustments

Medical practitioners believe that when you get your bones properly aligned, your body will be able to heal itself naturally. Spinal manipulation, in particular, is perceived to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions — without the need for surgery or medication. This is because the spine, the nervous system, and the different bodily functions are bound by a direct relationship to one another.

chiropractor New York City can help you with the following:

Alleviate pain felt in muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues

Ease headaches and other related symptoms

Make you recover your mobility faster following an accident

Treat different sports injuries and help you get back in shape

How It Makes You Stronger

As chiropractic adjustments are mostly centered on manipulating the spine — the body’s backbone — they also help keep patients upright and stable. If you ask any chiropractor New York NY or other medical experts, you’ll learn that an unhealthy spine can make you feel generally weaker than usual. But, on the contrary, if it’s in tip-top shape, you will feel stronger.

Researchers have also previously conducted a study assessing the impact of spinal manipulation among patients. They did this by monitoring electrical activities in the upper and lower extremities before and after the adjustment. After spinal manipulation, they found an increase in cortical drive, which, in essence, means that the body has gained more strength.

Patients who have undergone chiropractic treatments also report experiencing pain relief in their back, neck, arms, head, and joints. By gaining more strength and easing pain, you’d be able to perform your usual routine better and more easily.

Chiropractic care is also found to help boost the function of the central nervous and immune systems.

However, apart from being structurally and physiologically strong, a chiropractor New York City can also help you be more mentally resilient. You can speed up your recovery and return to normal as soon as possible, and therefore lessen the stress you experience. You also won’t have to get stressed about the risks of undergoing surgery or the side effects of medications.

Why It Pays To Be Strong

Being strong is a cool attribute. But beyond the admiration you can get from other people, it helps you achieve better performance in different areas of your life.

Besides improved daily activities, you can also enjoy a better athletic performance. Gaining more strength will also be healthier for you, in general, because you’ll have less risk of getting injured and developing diseases — including osteoporosis and diabetes. You will also have a lower risk of anxiety and depression, which have become increasingly prevalent across different age groups over the past years.