Looking for Valley Forge home care services? Find tips here!

There comes a point when seniors need help with regular chores of their life. Deciding on home care for elderly can be a tough call, because family members often feel the guilt of not having enough time. It is imperative to understand that elderly and seniors deserve attention, care, and companionship, and there is no harm in admitting that you don’t have hours to dedicate every day. If you are looking for a Valley Forge home care service, we have important tips below that can help. 

Decide between medical and nonmedical care

Some patients, especially those who have serious health issues, often need a nurse to take care of all things. This may include tasks, such as administering medication, dressing of wounds, and offering help with daily chores. Others may just need companionship and basic few hours of nonmedical assistance. This could be a deciding factor on how you choose between home care agencies. 

Ask a few questions 

As a family member, you should consider asking a few questions, before hiring an agency. Questions may include – 

  1. For how long the agency has been offering home care services in Valley Forge?
  2. Is the agency licensed? Are the certified for Medicare?
  3. What is the scope of home care services provided?
  4. Can they offer assistance with occupational therapy, or other therapies?
  5. To what extent can the agency tweak their services? 

Meeting the caregiver

A good agency will offer all information needed about caregivers. Ask the agency if they have a specific set of protocols for hiring caregivers, home health aides and nurses. Many services even have additional training programs for those working for them. It is important to ensure that the nurse/caregiver assigned to the senior has necessary experience and qualifications. There is no harm in seeking these details, and you can also insist on meeting the caregiver or nurse in person, before hiring them.

Know the costs

It is important to check if home care service is covered under long-term health insurance. If you need to pay entirely out of pocket, it is wise to discuss the costs in depth, so that you can come up with a plan that is more affordable. For many seniors, just a few hours of care and support are enough on a daily basis, but for someone with dementia or other serious health issues, more extensive support may be needed. 

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