Seretide is one of the uses of inhalers in treating asthma.Seretide contains two types of medications which are Salmeterol(dilate your airways) and Fluticasone(asthma control). Cough can be one of the symptoms for asthma but the cough can be due to so many other reasons and illnesses. When you cough, it doesn’t mean you are having asthma.

Asthma is a disease of your lower airways mainly the lungs. It is a chronic disease that is characterized by airway inflammation, excessive phlegm production, and narrowing of the airway. This happens following exposure to allergens or triggering factors.

  Cough can be caused by diseases like:

  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tonsil infection
  • Lung malignancy
  • Choking

The role of a doctor is to formulate a diagnosis and treat the patients. Different diseases have different treatments. Just by having a cough and simply take Seretide, it causes more harm than benefits. A doctor will take your history, analyze your information, analyze your symptoms, do a complete physical examination, carry up certain tests, and finally start ruling out the differential diagnoses to reach the final diagnosis.

Identifying the right diagnosis is important to start the specific treatment and finally achieving a cure. Never try to take Seretide if u cough even though you are not an asthmatic patient. Let doctors do their job and help you to recover.

The cause for your cough should be identified immediately so that proper medications can be given. If the cough is due to bacterial infections, then antibiotics with some other medications would be the treatment of choice. If it is caused by a viral infection, supportive measures are adequate for you to recover. On the other hand, if your cough is caused by asthma, then certain medications and not always Seretide would be given.

Let’s say that you are an asthmatic patient and start having a cough, it might due to an asthma attack or some other reasons. It is wise to go and visit a doctor or start supportive measures like taking anti-cough medications. Anti-cough medications have very few and less dangerous side effects in contrast to anti-asthmatic medications like Seretide.

Self-treating is not a good habit as you are jeopardizing your well-being or the health of the people you love. One disease comprises of so many signs and symptoms. Treating symptoms doesn’t always mean you are treating a disease. The knowledge of medicine is needed for you to identify one or more diseases in a person and treat the diseases separately or together.

Use Seretide only if it is advised and prescribed by a doctor. Doctors are always willing to help you and our ultimate satisfaction is when a patient achieves a cure. Medications are known to have side effects, but the doctor always gives it at a safe dose where the benefits always outweigh the risks.

If you are always on medications like Seretide as advised by your physician, DoctorOnCall does have this. Seretide by DoctorOnCall can be the solution to your health issues.

Always make it a habit to take good care of your health and always remember that prevention is better than cure.