CBD Massage Oils – its Benefits and Application Procedure

The hemp-family plants come with several miraculous healing properties that aid the human body in treating pains and anxiety. Cannabidiol or CBD is an active ingredient in one of the hemp plants, cannabis, that contains inflammatory properties like THC (another used ingredient extracted from the hemp family), but unlike it, CBD has no intoxicating side effects.

Benefits of CBD massage oil

With the growing use of CBD, the market has produced many products of CBD, but the most marketed one is CBD oils as it offers several benefits, and there are many ways to use/consume it. CBD massage oils are similar to CBD oils and offer the same benefits of pain relief and making the skin soft, reducing friction when serving as a topical application. You can apply them directly to the skin to ease sore and tensed muscles.

The proper way to use CBD massage oils

The best possible way to use CBD massage oil is by applying it to the specific area and gently massaging it for approximately 1 minute, so it seeps into the skin. Make sure to use a generous amount of the oil so your CBD product can find its way into the bloodstream after skin penetration.

Researches done on the matter have still not validated an answer about the proper dosage and time of the effects concerning CBD topical. Users have given different reviews about the duration they start to feel the results of CBD after massaging it in the form of topical. Some products with a higher concentration of CBD offer faster results, while diluted products show the effects a few minutes later.

However, the maximum time limit noted for the effects to fully take control is 90 minutes. In the case the effects are not taking place during this time, it is advised to re-apply the product as the concentration of CBD in the topical is not sufficient.

Pick the right product

When hunting for the right product to serve your needs, always look at the ingredients in these special mentions on the bottle: cannabinoid, potency, and type of CBD (full spectrum or broad spectrum.

Topicals serve best for pain relief, as they can be rubbed onto the desired area and offer immediate results. If you are going for products to take before bedtime, make sure it contains high levels of linalool. It is a terpene available in cannabis and even in lavender.


Currently, you will find multiple CBD products in the market now that serve as anti-pain and nerve-soothing supplements, including CBD massage oils and CBD gummies for anxiety. However, it is crucial to be mindful that the FDA does not currently regulate or approve any CBD products in the market due to limited research done on the subject.

To get your hands on the best CBD products, make sure the product comes from U.S grown cannabis, is full-spectrum, and is lab-tested. Any brand claiming exaggerated health benefits like treating cancer or helping in losing weight is a red flag. Why? Because there is not satisfactory research done on these benefits of CBD. The only thing we know for sure is that CBD has inflammatory properties that can calm nerves and ease pain, extending benefits to treating anxiety and Parkinson’s diseases without any addictions. Do not forget to check public reviews of the brand before buying its product.