Chicago Marriage License How-To Guide

Chicago is currently one of the best cities to have a wedding in Illinois. The number of wedding venues has made it the most sought after city for weddings in the state. The number of people getting married in Chicago is also on the rise. To enable this one to get a grasp of what it entails and how they can make their marriage legal, this piece will make a step-by-step guide on how best they can apply and get their marriage license approved.

Although the highlight of every wedding is the ceremony, the dinner parties, etc. you will find it surprising to know that without a marriage license, your marriage is not legal and would not be recognized by the state of Illinois. To get this recognition, applying for a marriage license is your best bet.

Applying For A Marriage License; How-To Guide

Step 1; You need to set a wedding venue and date;

This is the most important step anyone applying for a marriage license must do. This is because you’ll need to pen down the date of your wedding as well as the venue if you are to have your application approved. In addition to this, marriage licenses expire, some expire within 60 to 90 days after it has been approved. If you plan on having your wedding in advance, your application should be sent in less than two months to the wedding date.

While most people may prefer to wait until the dying minutes before they apply for this license, it is best that you do not as most states require applicants to wait for at least 3 days after the application is approved before their wedding ceremony. In essence, it is important that you have a date and venue in mind. For your application to be approved, you have to obtain your license from the state you plan on having the wedding ceremony.

Step 2; Pay a visit to the county’s clerk

This is currently the easiest place for you to visit for your marriage license. While making this visit, it is advised that you bear in mind that you could spend hours there because of the number of people getting this license. To ensure that you do not wait for a long period of time, you could decide to book an appointment with the clerk. To get this license, you’d have to be present with your fiance. However, exceptions could be made sometimes depending on the circumstances.

While visiting the clerk, there are a couple of pointers you should take to heart.

You’d need to present proof of identity. Since the requirements for getting a marriage license may vary from one state to another, you should do well to check your state’s requirements before you pay a visit to the clerk. Generally, you and your fiance will need proof of identity, a driver’s license, a passport. On rare occasions, you may be required to provide your birth certificate.

Some states in the country may require that applicants come with a witness before obtaining a marriage license. A witness should be someone you and your fiance have known for at least six months.

Divorcees will be required to come with their certificate of divorce. Widows and widowers will have to present a certificate of death.

Prospective mates under the age of 18 will have to present a consent form from either a judge or a parent.

In Chicago, applicants will have to make a payment of $60 if they are to obtain this license.

Step 3; Obtain signatures from your marriage license witnesses and officiant

The requirements for signing a marriage license varies from state to state. However, most states in the country will require you to get signatures from

The prospective couple; when it comes to signing the application, the couple must be present and it must be done before the ceremony.

Officiant; you’d be required to get signatures from the officiating minister. This could be a retired or active judge or a religious leader.

Witnesses; for your application to be approved, it would have to be signed by two witnesses who must have known you and your other half for at least six months.

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