Chin Surgery Silicone Long Legs 

Chin surgery silicone is a type of hair removal that uses a special silicone to remove hair from the chin area. Compared to other hair removal treatments, chin surgery silicone long legs (เสริม คาง ขา ยาว, which is the term in Thai) is considered more effective because it removes more hair faster. Plus, it doesn’t leave any marks or scarring. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for hair removal, chin surgery silicone is the best choice.

What Is Chin Improvement?

You can improve a tiny or sagging chin with a chin implant, which can also define and shape your entire face, aspect, and jawbone. Most chin surgeries are done for aesthetic purposes, but some facial reconstruction is accomplished through chin surgery silicone long legs. A cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in your skin, places the implant, and shapes it into the chin skeleton to obtain a natural, balanced appearance.

Who Gets Chin Adjustments?

Chin implantation may be an option for anyone self-conscious about a little or depressed chin. You have a hidden chin when your chin doesn’t protrude sufficiently from your jaw. When viewed from the sides, your chin doesn’t look proportionate to the contours of your temple, nose, and other features. People with facial traumas, including malignancy excision or face injuries, may also consider getting a chin implant.

What Distinguishes Chin Implants From Fillers, Fat Transplantation, And Chin Implants?

There are other options besides chin implants for defining your jaw and jawbone. You might be able to get a fat transplant or injectable fillers:

  • Cosmetic procedures, such as chin supplements, are implants of glycolic acid or racemic mixture under the skin. They give your face more fullness.
  • Fillers can reduce lines above your face and jawline and improve the appearance of a small chin. Non-surgical fillers lose their additional effect.
  • Chin fat transplanting: A cosmetic surgeon uses a vacuum to reduce fat through another portion of your body while removing your chin. The fat is then injected beneath your chin. A non-surgical method is a fat transplant.


As you can see, chin surgery silicone has made its name as a fast and permanent hair removal treatment that doesn’t cause any scarring. In addition to removing the hair efficiently, this treatment also leaves the area smooth and soft. To get results as unique as these, make sure to book your appointment with an expert surgeon in no time.