Singapore is a developed country due to the competitiveness that its citizens embody. Lifestyle Asia reported that Singapore had become the fourth most overworked city in the world. As dual-income families grew, there was barely time to do household chores.

Many parents prefer to rest and spend more time with their children and loved ones rather than doing the laundry since it can take hours to finish. The good news is that laundry service is now available in Singapore. Anyone who is busy and barely has time for themselves can rely on professional laundry services to wash and dry their clothes on their behalf.

If you have plans to bring your dirty clothes to a laundry expert in Singapore, there are things you need to do first. Read the pointers below to find out what they are.

7 Ways To Prepare Garments For Laundry Service In Singapore

1. Read The Labels

Like machines, there are different ways to wash garments. Some clothes or curtain sheets require dry cleaning in Singapore, while others work well with regular laundry service. Nevertheless, the methods used highly depend on the fabric material, but to save time, read the labels. You should notify your preferred laundry service of the washing method indicated there.

2. Take Note Of The Stains

Your preferred laundry service can also save time if you inform them beforehand which clothes have stains and the cause. Doing so should allow the laundry expert in Singapore to get ready for the stain treatment to remove the unwanted marks

3. Check For Existing Damages

Existing damages can become worse if not fixed. Your preferred laundry service can repair the holes and loose threads if you let them know. They will stitch and sew the damages (if necessary) before putting your garments into the washing machine and dryer.

4. Empty The Pockets

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, pockets allow people to store little goods like a wallet when they are outside without a bag. If you leave the items in your pocket, they will get a wet wallet and can cause damage, possibly including the washing machines.

5. Sort Your Garments

Sorting out your garments can also help you get the most out of their laundry service. You can rest assured that every piece of clothing will be cleaner and will not have colour stains since you divided them into light and dark.

6. Prepare A Laundry Bag

To guarantee your clothes will not get separated from another set of laundry in Singapore by accident, you should place your garments inside a laundry bag with zippers. That way, there will be no chance one of your outfits will fall on the ground during transit.

7. Tie Loose Strings

Another thing you should do before bringing your clothes to your preferred laundry service is to lie loose strings. Doing so should prevent the strings from getting lost inside the washing machine or dryer.

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