Choice of Rings in the Best Era

There are elements that we do not really control the favorite for example. However, we often have to decide and make decisions. This has surely already happened when you wondered how to go about making the right choice of men’s ring. Whether for yourself or someone to give it to.

Nowadays, men’s rings are more and more present in jewelry. Men now have to face a substantial choice of models with more advanced designs and designs than each other. They must therefore ask themselves several questions in order to determine how to choose a men’s ring. From IntelliRings you can have the best solutions.

The Defining Question

In order to choose your precious, there is one that you cannot escape. It is even from there that everything starts very often:  what is my budget?

We will not develop the subject here, because you are well aware that there is everything in terms of price. You can spend inexpensive rings like most stainless steel rings, at prices … indecent!

Each will therefore do according to his desires and means.

A Whole Symbol

Rings should be classified according to what they represent.  Because of course, the difficulty and the importance of the choice will not be the same for a simple ring worn in everyday life as when you choose your wedding ring!

In this regard, in addition to the essential engagement rings (especially present for women), there is a whole panoply of wedding rings.

Gender Equality: We Decide To Do (The) Cleaning For Two!

Regarding this major event (on the ring finger!), the choice is relatively fair, and impressive with regard to men’s wedding rings. There are many models. To tell the truth, the choice is almost unlimited.

For weddings, you will have a plethora of choices regarding materials, colors, engraving alliances, etc.

It is not uncommon to find sets of rings for the couple to match.

Many couples are now turning to alternatives to the classic yellow gold or white gold wedding bands.

Wedding rings

How Do You Know What Your Ring Size Is?

In order not to make an error on your size, it is important to know the circumference of your finger. 

We also devote an article to the subject of the meaning of a ring according to the finger to which it is worn. You can find the link to this proposed article directly at the bottom of this page.

Each finger has of course its own size, which tends to change over the years. It even varies (in minute detail) between the beginning and the end of the day. Be sure to take your last measurements at the time of your acquisition. 

You Have Several Ways To Determine It: 

  • Place a thread around your finger, draw marks, then carry on a ruler
  • Use a seamstress meter to measure the circumference of the finger
  • Go to a jeweler and ask him to use his ringer ( most reliable and recommended method )

Measure the Inside Diameter of A Ring You Are Used To Wearing 

You will find on our site a table of ring size correspondences on each description sheet of these. You can easily see your size, if you have to transpose US size and French size for example.