Choosing A Funeral Package For Your Loved One

A funeral package is a gift sent to the family of the deceased to honor and remember their loved one, especially if it is the first time they have received a death notice. A funeral package is usually sent within the month of the death but can be mailed out at least two weeks before the funeral.

A funeral package contains the basic items that are needed for the funeral service. It should include a copy of the death certificate, funeral programs, burial plot, casket, pall, tuxedo, memorial card, burial stone, cremation container, viewing area, bible, flowers, and funeral song. There are other optional items that can also be included in a funeral package but these are the most basic.

A Funeral Memorial

Most times, the family will send you a personalized photo with a photo insert on it and a memorial card. They want you to take pictures of them during the service and include it in the memorial card. The memorial card will include the names of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, funeral time and location, and a thank you note. The memorial card should also be typed out in Microsoft Word format.

Along with the funeral program and the memorial card is the cremation container. This is very important because it will hold the ashes of the deceased until they are ready to be buried. The cremation container will come in various sizes and designs. The size of the cremation container will depend upon how big the remains are. A standard cremation container will fit a single cremation urn or multiple urns.

A cremation container will have some type of urn attached to it such as a wooden vase or a cedar box with flowers. This is a great way to show the family that your loved one is no longer around. It is important that the family sees that you are thinking about them.

The next item in the package is the cemetery plot that will be selected. This is the final resting place of the deceased. The plot must be chosen by the family and this can be done either at the request of the deceased or it may be ordered by the funeral home.

The plot must be dug to a specific depth and dimensions. The burial plot must be landscaped and the front entrance to the plot must be decorated. After all of these elements are in place the plot can be placed in the ground and covered with dirt and cement. The family will select a spot on the grave for the burial marker.

Preparing The Funeral

As the family prepares to attend the funeral, a service will begin. It will start with a funeral service. A hymn will be read and then the funeral service begins.

At this service the departed family member will be given a eulogy. This eulogy is usually delivered by a member of the family. It is the final goodbye to the loved one. A reading of scripture, prayer, and a short poem or quote from the deceased’s life are common funeral poems.

After the eulogy, the service will end. After the memorial is concluded, the family will go over any special requests made and give their condolences to the family of the deceased. There will also be time to wrap up the funeral service. If there were any special favors that were given out at the memorial, these will be given out during the service and then a thank you note will be left.

The funeral service may last for several hours or it may just be a short service. This is completely up to the discretion of the funeral home. You will also be given some information that will help you prepare for the service. such as what to wear, what to say and when to say it.


A funeral home can provide all of the information to help you prepare for this special occasion. There are many types of funeral homes, so you should find one that suits your family and meets all of your needs. You should also consider if they provide pre-made kits and arrangements and materials.