Decision Making: 5 Decision-Making Skills for Extraordinary Leaders

Jim Rohn an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker have beautifully presented the importance of decision making in his words that how pivotal it is in making progress. Decision-making skills can make it or break factor for the growth of any organization. When we talk about decision making, naturally it’s responsibility seems to rest upon the shoulders of the eminent leadership. As it’s a trait of leadership to make the right decisions at the right time for the betterment of their organisation. In the capacity of a leader, we should be able to make decisive decisions by thinking objectively with clarity to relate the concepts with our short term and long term goals without compromising the integrity of our organisation and self. This will not only ensure our growth in the long term but will also help us to establish a valid bond with all our employees and will reinforce our company’s culture.

So how will you improve decision-making skills? To establish yourself as a stronger and effective leader. We have collected a set of 5 Decision-Making Skills which can transform you into an Extraordinary Leader.

What are the decision-making skills?

But before we start discussing the decisions making skills, let’s have a closer look at what exactly Decision-making skills are.

Decisions making skills is one’s ability or proficiency in choosing between two or more alternatives by processing all the relevant information available to us and communicate it. For that, it’s crucial to be known with the processes which will help us to make the right decisions in the favor of our organisation by uncovering biases which can affect or alter the outcome out of it.


Problem-solving is imperative while making critical decisions, we need to take into consideration various viewpoints and their possible outcomes to make a thoughtful decision. We need to think logically and focus on formulating decisions quickly and effectively and for the same, we should always do our research, consider every detail in contrast with facts in light if situation where we are standing.


As humans, we are more of emotional beings and sometimes emotions can cloud our judgement and introduce biases in our decision-making process which can prove detrimental. Hence should rely absolutely on reasoning and logic as it is one of the main skills needed to make informed decisions free of any prejudice and biases. The best way to do so is to reason with the present as well as plan for the future while being grounded during the process.


Extraordinary leaders rely on their reasoning but also follow their Intuition because they are aware that our instincts but the sum of our experiences and core values on which we act on every day. We need to associate our instincts with the actions we are about to take  so we can see if our decision is logical and actionable

By incorporating the following skills we can over time develop robust and flawless decision-making skills which will ensure that we secure our short term as well long term goals along with minimal collateral. For instance, we take a look at Gary Ng Toronto-based investor and entrepreneur. Gary Ng has been capitalizing on Canada’s financial industry for twelve years by acquiring investment firms and successfully repositioning them. His strategic expertise has helped him build a fleet of independent financial firms focused on commodities, equity, debt and trading.