Common Reasons for Itchy Eyes

When your eyes itch and burn from constant irritation, watering from the feeling that something is lodged in your eye and scraping against it, it can be downright debilitating.

Whether at work or performing a task, no one wants to be interrupted by the very inconvenient difficulty of holding their eyes open without pain.

Unless you’re wearing eye protection your eye is open to the elements, and therefore open to coming into contact with particles, dust, allergens, and even viruses.

External Causes

Many problems that cause itchy eyes stem from something in the environment getting in the eye.  Carry eye drops if you’re sensitive to exhaust, smoke, and other environmental irritants.

Pollen, mold, and dust are among many common allergens that cause itching and can be solved with antihistamines.  Bacteria, fungi, or a virus may enter your eye and cause infection, which should be treated with medication.

Other Causes

Blocked glands in the eyelids called blepharitis can lead to inflammation and itchy eyes.  You can also unwittingly irritate your eyes by keeping contact lenses in too long or not replacing them often enough.

Tasks that overly tax the eye problems symptoms such as long exposure to computer screens or extended periods of driving can create eyestrain; for this you should make a point of resting your eyes more often.

Dry Eyes Might Benefit From Oculoplastic Surgery

Tears keep our eyes from getting dry and itchy with their lubricating properties, but our tear production reduces naturally as we get older.  This can be solved with the use of artificial tears, but if the source of the problem is a blocked tear duct, oculoplastic surgery could be the best solution.

In pollution-heavy environments try to keep your eyes protected from grit and take notice of symptoms like itchy, red, and watery eyes.  Protecting your vision requires only a few easy, common-sense measures.