Compelling Reasons to Lease A Car and Steps of Leasing Process

Every year multiple new car models enter the market and many people prefer to drive the latest four-wheelers. Therefore, they prefer to lease a car rather than purchase it. Is leasing a car beneficial or is this a smart decision?

Compelling reasons to lease a new ride

  • Cheaper than buying option – A car is an expensive investment. The new car you can buy depends on your budget, credit score, and purpose. On the other hand, lease a car allows you to choose a dream car, even if it is not in your budget. The monthly cost is also lower than you would pay against the car loan. You can even plan to purchase the same car after the lease agreement expires at a fraction price. Finance is the main reason, why lease a car is a smart option.
  • A great option for occasional drivers – Lease a car features mileage limitation, so if your need for a new ride is to go shopping or commute to work or drop kids at school, or drive a short distance then this option is viable. Alternatively, if your purpose for buying a new set of wheels is to cover a long distance then buying the car makes sense.
  • Enjoy new varieties – Buying a new vehicle includes a commitment for a long time. If you are someone, who desires variety after a couple of years then lease a car is a great option. You can enjoy the luxury of driving new varieties after every 3 to 4 years.
  • No concerns about costly repairs – When you sign the lease of a car agreement, it is the dealership that owns the car, while you are renting it for some years. The car warranty covers an array of repairs. When you lease a car, there is a need for regular maintenance but you cannot modify or upgrade the car.
  • No hassle of selling the car – A disadvantage of ownership is rapid car depreciation and selling it is a hassle. In lease-a car, you return it to the dealership at the expiry of the lease. When the lease ends, return the car, lease a new car, extend the lease, or buy the leased car. You will never experience the hassle of selling the car.

How Does Leasing a Car Work? - Experian

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What are the steps involved when leasing a car?

  1. Choose a car – Before you determine to lease, pick your dream car. Research, evaluate the pros and cons and compare before finalizing.
  2. Call the professionals Now, you can call the professional lease a car services and discuss the model. They are skilled negotiators and can help in finding the best deals directly from the vehicle manufacturers.
  3. Request a quote – Ask for a quote on the phone or online from the professional lease car services.
  4. Confirm the quote – After you evaluate the quote and are satisfied with the monthly payments then confirm the quote.
  5. Sign the lease agreement – Before signing read and understand the T&Cs to avoid any problems down the road.
  6. Car delivery – After the paperwork formalities are concluded drive your car home or have it delivered to your address.