Debunking Online Gambling Misconception

Despite the popularity among loyal patrons of an online casino in Malaysia, many people are still having a second thought in trying out one. They want to try and play but are reluctant. Why? Because of the misconceptions surrounding online gambling in Malaysia.  

Not only people are being discouraged, but it also affects the thriving online casino industry in Malaysia. It is fine to warn people or give them precautionary advice, but spreading false rumours is where we should draw the line.

For beginners and old patrons alike, here are the common myths and misconceptions surrounding online gambling in Malaysia:

MYTH #1: All Online Casino Games Are Rigged

Casinos online and offline often receive comments and even complaints about rigged games. Especially now that casinos have switched online where it is more vulnerable to hacking and game manipulating, it is harder for this myth to die down. 

The truth is, online casinos use the same gameplay, rules and regulations as physical casinos do. The only difference is that players get to face a computer or a machine instead of real opponents and dealers. In this case. And this is where the distrust of players starts.

In this case, online casinos ensure the accuracy, reliability and fairness of the game software they use to provide players peace of mind and fair play. They use technologies such as a random number generator to ensure that results are not rigged. 

MYTH #2: Online Casinos Are Illegal

This statement can be partly correct and wrong. It is true that there are online casinos illegally operating, and there are online casinos that are legitimate.

It all depends on the online casino website you are playing. Online gambling in Malaysiais required to complete a licence and other legal credentials before the operation. You can check if the online casino you are signing up for is legitimate when they are able to provide the licence and all legal credentials upon request. You can also check your government websites for the list of blacklisted online casinos.

There are online casinos that are operating without license, and these are what you should be careful with. Signing up to these casinos compromises your personal and financial information. 

MYTH #3: Online Casinos Are Not Safe 

Same with myth number two, the safety of the online casino will depend on its legitimacy. 

Legitimate online gambling in Malaysia is safe since it must meet and maintain the security standard set by the government.

On the other hand, illegal casinos do not abide by the government’s safety and security protocols. They offer very little protection to the players’ personal information. 

Legitimate casinos are safe, while illegal casinos are unsecured.

MYTH #4: Keeping Tabs Of The Game Algorithms Allows You To Predict Results

There is a misconception about online casino games in Malaysia that identifying the algorithm of the game makes the future results predictable just like any ordinary internet games.

This statement is most likely false. Aside from all the previous rounds of the slot games or roulette are not linked to each other, online casinos make sure that their games are audited publicly to check and maintain the accuracy and reliability of each game, eliminating possible algorithms that can cause discrepancy. 

MYTH #5: There Are Winning Window Period In Online Casino

This myth is probably one of the most controversial that it has slightly become an online gambling promotion. Many players believe some games become more generous in giving wins at a certain hour of the day. Or sometimes increase payouts or double the rewards.

It may be an encouragingonline gambling promotion; however, it is proven false. 

For fair play policy, each game follows and sticks to the payout rule. Unless it is clearly stated in the game policy that it has an hour rule and such, then it is possible.

But for most games, this winning window hour does not exist.

MYTH #6: Minors Can Play In An Online Casino

Physical casinos have strict rules on minors entering their premises. People are required to present IDs to verify their age upon entering the casino. However, in an online casino, there is no face-to-face checkup. You can access and play in an online casino as long as you have a smartphone or a desktop and internet connection.

However, this statement is unlikely to be true. Age restrictions implemented in the physical casino are also applied online. Before signing up for a gambling account, a person must provide IDs and other financial accounts like credit and debit cards which also require a certain age and income to have one. 

There are cases that minors can use their parents’ credit cards; however, these moves can easily be detected by online casinos. 

MYTH #7: Online Casino is Addicting

No matter what you are spending your time with, may it be gambling, computer games and such, when you have no self-control and discipline, you are likely to be addicted.

Online casinos in Malaysia are entertaining and fun; prizes and rewards make it more exciting to play. It is true that these factors make online casinos attractive; however, it still depends on the player if he or she has self-discipline when it comes to gambling.

Online casinos are well aware of gambling addiction, it is why there are online gambling sites that implement a policy regarding casino gaming. Some casinos may require you to set a gambling budget to help you monitor your spending. In worse cases, online casinos can close your account to protect players from being addicted to the games.

Online casinos are one of the entertaining ways to kill time. Aside from it being fun and exciting, you can also win big rewards and prizes. Before believing in these rumours, it is much better to do fact-checking first.

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