What to Do When Your Kitchen Equipment Stops Working?

Your restaurant’s kitchen operates daily, and, understandably, the integrity and functioning of your commercial kitchen equipment may be overlooked. When one of them breaks down, one of the easy solutions that you might see in your options is to run to the kitchen supply store in Singapore to buy a new one. While it is a convenient and uncomplicated solution, it should be the first option that you should choose. Instead, you should think about doing troubleshooting, repair, and other reactive approaches. These are your hard-working assets, so they deserve to have unparalleled attention so that they can live a long life and contribute to the success of your business!

In this article, you will learn the ways that you must do when your valuable assets break down. You will also find tips on how you can undertake routine maintenance of your equipment so that you can prevent kitchen issues in the future.

Know the cause

Assessment is the first step into identifying the problem, and this applies to your broken kitchen equipment. What you must do is a visual inspection that allows you to see the cause of the problem. Here are some possible causes of the sudden break down of your equipment:

  • Not doing regular maintenance


It is a common issue with restaurant owners to forget maintenance. When you purchase new commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore, you should always read its manual. In there, you will see how to use the equipment and also how you can maintain it. You must understand its demands and meet them so it can perform efficiently. Usually, it would require you to oil the blades, clean each component once a week, among other things. 

  • Employee negligence

The process of hiring people to work for you may be a long one, but it will help you ensure that your workers know how to safely and efficiently operate kitchen equipment. Training and seminars are crucial if you want to give your kitchen investments a long lifespan. Hence, from the get-go, you should make it clear to them that the equipment they would be using needs to be used carefully with TLC.

  • Ignoring broken parts

Aside from regular upkeep, your kitchen fridge, stove, food processors, among other heavy-duty equipment must need part replacements from time to time or when needed. It is what people in the food industry forget as well. What you can do to remember this is to put them in your supplies list and budget accordingly. 

Bring them to your supplier

Now that you know the cause, you can let a team of experts handle the repairments for you. With them, you can trust that they will use the right tools to address the issues of your equipment. Essentially, you should go to your supplier first before you consider bringing your broken kitchen equipment to a local repair shop. They have technicians who have an in-depth understanding of your equipment since they know the equipment inside and out. 

Do not forget to bring necessary documents that will prove that you have purchased your equipment from them and it is still within the years of your product warranty. These will help in the easy process of repairing your equipment, and you can get them back as soon as they have resolved the problem!

Practice maintenance

If it has been determined that the cause of your broken kitchen equipment is your negligence to routine maintenance, you and your employees must start practising them as soon as possible. Here are some tips that would help you out:

  • Clean your equipment

Grime, dust, and other particles that can be found in your kitchen can cause kitchen equipment failure. Remember that there are particles that you cannot see on the surface of your equipment, but it does not mean they are not there. Hence, you must know the steps on how you can clean your equipment the right way using the right cleaning materials from a store of kitchen supplies in Singapore and thoroughly reading the manual so you can avoid breakdowns!

  • Call a professional technician

Have you been hearing whirring noises when using your imported commercial fridge from Singapore? Or have you observed that the food gets easily burnt even when the set temperature is the same as before? These are often indications or symptoms that your equipment is having problems. Though it may or may not disrupt your daily operations, it would still need immediate attention from a professional technician. Allow them to assess your equipment for you so you would know the next steps on regaining the usual performance of your heavy-duty equipment.

  • Consider updating your equipment

While most kitchen equipment is built to last, there are new technologies that would give a significant contribution to improving your daily operations. Combi ovens, for instance, is a piece of equipment that can cook through various methods! It is what you would need if you have a limited space in your kitchen that can fit an oven, a broiler, steamer, and food warmer. Hence, you should consider upgrading your kitchen so you could work efficiently and operate without hassle!

Simplex as Your Kitchen Equipment Supplier

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