Different Ways to Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance


Mainly, there are two ways of purchasing bike insurance- Offline and Online. You can opt for either one of those based on your comfort level.

If you can’t decide which one to choose, then read this article to put an end to your dilemma.


Two-wheeler insurance protects a bike owner from various unfortunate events. In case of an accident, bike insurance provides financial assistance to repair the motorcycle. Also, the insurer offers cover for third party liabilities. Furthermore, policyholders can repair their bikes at network garages to avail the cashless facility.

Now that you know the importance of two-wheeler insurance, check out different ways to purchase one.


Purchasing two-wheeler insurance offline is a traditional method. A lot of policy buyers, who are unaccustomed to technological advancements, prefer buying insurance offline. Therefore, they take a broker or a salesperson’s assistance to purchase two-wheeler insurance. However, purchasing bike insurance offline can be time-consuming.

Some of the benefits of purchasing two-wheeler insurance offline are-

  • Policy buyers can communicate directly with the seller. Thus, they can understand a policy’s features, benefits, and terms and conditions more comprehensively.
  • Since customers can talk face-to-face with insurance providers, getting clarification about a policy becomes easier.
  • With the guidance of a salesperson, the documentation process becomes stress-free.
  • Policy buyers can customise a plan as per their requirements. They can even negotiate the premium. Online portals don’t offer such a benefit.

The process to buy two-wheeler insurance offline is simple. Follow the below steps to get it done-

  • Visit the insurance provider’s office
  • Fill in the application form
  • Submit the necessary documents along with the application form
  • Pay the premium


Nowadays, thousands and thousands of policy buyers opt for online sources in order to save time and efforts. Owing to this fact, insurance providers have developed user-friendly websites and mobile apps to ensure a hassle-free insurance purchase experience.

Here are the advantages of buying two-wheeler insurance online-

  • Online portals eliminate the need for a middleman. Hence, a customer can save on the agent’s commission. Therefore, buying a policy online becomes an affordable option.
  • Generally, the paperwork process to purchase a policy online doesn’t require a lot of efforts.
  • It is vital for every bike owner to first compare multiple plans before buying one. This process will consume a lot of time if an individual wants to purchase two-wheeler insurance offline. However, a customer can search for a plethora of policies online without breaking a sweat.
  • In order to make an insurance purchase process more convenient, a lot of insurance companies are now offering their services via mobile apps.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to buy two-wheeler insurance online-

  • Go to the insurance company’s website
  • Select the two-wheeler insurance you want to purchase
  • Enter the information required
  • Enter your city and RTO zone
  • Select the bike’s manufacturer, model, and variant
  • You have the option to choose add-ons
  • Review all the information before going ahead
  • Pay the premium
  • Once the transaction is complete, an online copy of your policy will be mailed to your registered email id

In conclusion, purchasing insurance online is easier compared to buying it offline. Moreover, you can also save money by purchasing insurance online.