Flip Flop Heroes: 5 Stories to Inspire you to Live the Flip Flop Life

Not all heroes wear capes; some wear flip flops and embody the true spirit of doing life right. Let’s take a look at some instances where flip flops saved the day.

Halting an early-hour robbery 

John Manley of Merseyside, UK sprang into action and chased after a criminal attempting to burglarize hisnext-door neighborin his flip flops. Manley caught and was restrained the would-be robber until the police arrived on the scene to make the arrest. Nicely Done John, nicely done.

Flip Flop Fire Fighter

While flip flops are no strangers to saving the day when confronted with a scary insect encounter, they aren’t well known for their fire-fighting abilities.That didn’t stopJuvanieLadanoCastañares. His quick thinking and ingenuity led him to use his flip flops as fire extinguishersto put out a fire caused by a faulty electrical outlet inside the mall in Davao, Philippines. The flip flops were shockingly (pun intended) effective at putting out the potential blaze.

Supporting education for Afghan girls

The company Combat Flip Flopshas devoted a portion of the proceeds from a line of their flip flops to send Afghan girls to schoolto help overcome rampant illiteracy issues among Afghan women and girls. Way to put your best foot forward Combat Flip Flops we solute you.

Upcycling flip flops as cash-generating income

Dr. Nattapong Nithi-Uthai of Thailand, together with his team “Tlejourn” (traveling shoes in Thai) have reused discarded flip-flops to manufacture new footwear, among other products, and therefore providing low-income familieswith a significant financial boost from the sales profit.

Saving a life

Jodie Green of Bridgend, South Wales is certain that if it not were for her rubber-soled flip flops she was wearing while trying to get her wash off the line during a storm, she wouldn’t have survived the lightning strike. It first went through the metal rotary clothesline. Her cheap rubber flip flops served as insulators, saving her from electrocution. We’ve always seen flip flops as life savers but in this case that is exactly what they were. Now that is Doing Life Right.

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