Digital Agency in Thailand

The Perfect SEO Options Now for You

Every good professional needs tools that help him in performing his duties and those who work in the field of Web Design would be no different.

The professional needs to master some tools, the main ones being:

  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Corel Draw
  • Illustrator
  • Gimp
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

But what about the job market?

Nobody wants to venture into an area that can’t get a job, right? The good news is that if you are interested in the Web Design business, be aware that the area is constantly expanding.

  • The reason is quite simple, many brands have realized the importance of being found on the web in today’s world. So, being a web design professional in a highly connected world on the internet is really promising. The use for the Digital Agency in Thailand comes easy now.
  • There are several opportunities for the web design professional, the first being website design agencies. However, there are those cases where companies themselves need the professional to create their website or blog without the need for agency intermediaries.
  • Thus, the professional can work directly for these companies, most of the time, medium or large. Lastly, the trader can choose to act as a freelancer, launching himself as a freelance marketer.
  • However, the freelance professional needs much more than just the technical knowledge, it is necessary to know how to attract, conquer and sell their services.

What is Web Designer’s salary?

The average salary of the professional of Web Design is R $ 1,741.00. Of course, there are regions where this value may change up or down.

There are cases of professionals who earn even more than that, but they are in high positions and have vast knowledge. It is noteworthy that this salary quoted here is valid only for employees of companies or agencies.

Freelancers working in the Web Design of Thailand SEO niche have varying amounts and charge what they think is fair for their services, so you can’t tab or measure those amounts.

Tips on How to Start a Web Designer Career

Knowing all this information, check out these tips on how to get started in a web designer career.


To be a good Web Design professional you need to study and deepen your knowledge. Browse the internet for blogs, youtube videos or books, anything that really adds to your knowledge is welcome.

Also be sure to bet on face-to-face courses, as many people learn best this way. It is worth adding that it is not necessary to have a technician or college in the area to act as a graphic designer.

However, having a degree makes all the difference, especially if you want to be employed at an agency.


To start your career is not enough to just study, it is necessary to practice. The theory is valid only when applied to practice and this goes for the opposite too.Therefore, strengthening on both sides, both theoretical and practical, are very important.

Create a portfolio

The creative area especially requires that you have a good portfolio.

To start your career as a web designer you will need to present the projects already done to your potential clients. Remembering that the portfolio update is something continuous, because it must always be incremented, becoming the gateway to other jobs.

If you started now and have no parts to add, make individual or self-made creations and add to this portfolio.

Promote your work

You need to spread the word about your work so that potential customers reach you. Do it online and offline.