How to transport a refrigerator: 7 simple rules for transporting a refrigerator

Why it is impossible to transport the refrigerator lying?

Incorrect transportation in a horizontal position is fraught with damage to the unit. This can cause problems to be uncovered in a refrigerator service, which can cost you money in the long term. Some of these damages could include

  • broken pipes,
  • compressor oil seeps into the supercharger and becomes clogged,
  • formation of cracks in the compressor through which freon goes,
  • failure to mount the compressor attached to the frame.

Minimize risk by following 7 simple rules:

  • remove all removable parts and parts-pack them separately;
  • in order not to damage the case, pack the refrigerator in the original foam packaging or cardboard box wrapped with tape;
  • do not put the device on the door or the back of it – it is better to transport it lying on its side;
  • put a thick cardboard or cloth under the bottom so as not to scratch the enamel;
  • place the refrigerator so that the tubes coming from the compressor “looked up”. If they are not visible or they branch in different directions-put the device on both sides;
  • secure the refrigerator so that it does not move when braking or turning sharply;
  • do not turn on the appliance immediately after transport. Wait 2-4 hours until the unit is heated indoors and the refrigerant is evenly distributed throughout the system.

Now you know all the basic rules of transporting the refrigerator horizontally.All rules are presented on the website –