Do You Know How You Can Remove Scratch Mark From Your Car?

Just Imagine, how you will feel when you find a scratch mark on your brand new car! A scratch can develop on the car due to a number of reasons, and it is always an eyesore to find a scratch mark on the car.

Have you ever visited the website of 10BestRanked? On this site, you can find useful information about different ways to get the scratch mark removed from the car. Let us share a few tips to remove a scratch mark from the car in this post.

What will you need?

If you are interested to get rid of the scratch mark from your car’s body in a DIY way then arrange for the following items:

  • A bucketful of water
  • A car grade soap
  • Clean microfiber cloths
  • Sandpaper
  • Rubbing compound
  • Polishing glaze and wax

Now follow these steps for removing the scratches:

  1. Determine what the depth of your scratch is?

Take a closer look at the scratch and see whether it is easily noticeable or not. Usually, a car has four different layers in its exterior:

  • Clearcoat
  • Paint color
  • Primer

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In case, the scratch has removed both the clear coat and paint, then a gray color underneath will be seen. If not, a lighter line will be seen. We will discuss here removing the minor scratches, where the clear coat has been exposed.

  • Wash those areas

In case, your car is already too dirty while you are trying to repair the scratches on the car, then it can always cause more scrapes on its surface. Therefore, you must always start with a “clean canvas.”

So, you must wash the area thoroughly and then dry the area using a soft microfiber cloth.

  • Sand lightly the scratch areas

Next, by using a piece of sandpaper you must prepare the scratched area. You must gently sand the scratched area and also the immediate surface around it. You must make sure that you apply sanding strokes in that direction where the scratch can be prevented any further.

Also, sometimes you may need to swab the area intermittently with water while sanding.

  • Apply a rubbing compound

Now, by using a clean microfiber cloth, try to squeeze a dab of your rubbing compound and then gently apply it to the area where you can see the scratch. Start by using small circular motion while applying the compound.

While doing this, you will see that scratch will start disappearing. If not add a little more compound and again continue the rubbing as before, until you do not see the scratch anymore.

  • Wax the area affected

Finally, after removing the minor scratch with the above steps, you must add a new layer of wax on the area where the scratch was developed. This will restore the clear coat, which was damaged originally.

A little amount of wax will go a long way. Try to wax in a circular motion and soon you will find the sheen of the car is restored.