Domestic Vs Commercial Cleaning Service -Drawing The Difference

As our time today shrinks—preoccupied with other activities, the demand for cleaning services increases. Like most typical homeowners in Singapore, we think about hiring a trusted part-time maid for taking care of household cleaning chores while we’re away. While housekeeping remains a steady-growing reliable solution, commercial cleaning services remain a drastically different structure. The industry of commercial cleaning services is more regulated and well-organised. You’ll often encounter specialised cleaning groups that are well-versed in handling complicated cleaning tasks.

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning – Drawing The Difference

When we often think about commercials, we tend to imagine everything that is about business. “Business” is a different departure from home. A commercial kitchen differs from residential and is often one step up from anything you could see at home.

If you are indeed looking for a residential cleaning solution, housekeeping or domestic cleaning should be your choice. Anything within the commercial cleaning mainly consists of deep/heavy cleaning, proper hazard and waste disposal, cleaning of machinery, and application of industrial cleaning agents. Commercial cleaning handles different types of conditions compared to residential.

Why You Can’t Just Hire A Commercial Cleaning For Your Home Cleaning Needs

Many would mistakenly think that hiring commercial cleaning services in Singapore for their home would perform and clean better and deeper than domestic services. The answer is, ‘NO.’ Commercial cleaning doesn’t necessarily define an outperformed level above domestic cleaning. Commercial cleaning means it deals with a different environment and a different condition since home and commercial environment is a day-and-night difference. Commercial cleaners are well-trained since they are dealing with a commercial clientele that handles and operates with commercial equipment, which you don’t normally see at home. Commercial cleaning services tackle other things with a different approach.

However, some commercial cleaning services may offer home cleaning as well based on the firm cleaning services.

“What If I Have A Home Office?”

While some homeowners in Singapore prefer to have a stationery office inside their home, this environment is among the most different areas at your home. The most common route is to hire in-house staff or go with commercial office cleaner services. It could depend on what type of cleaning is needed. You may prefer a contractor or find someone to employ, the answer differs according to your needs.


How Commercial Cleaning Varies From Domestic Cleaning

A contract is required – Commercial establishments require periodic cleaning to maintain the environment healthy. Unlike domestic cleaning, in which they are hired for a given day, hiring commercial cleaning services requires a contract in the process so you can ensure that their services remain consistent according to the cleaning specification.

A wider range of services – Since we are dealing with commercial establishments and not residential, several aspects should be considered. From exterior building windows to vents and machinery cleaning, office cleaning services will provide a multitude of services that covers the extended scope of work from internal to external landscape cleaning. From furniture to upholstery, you can avail a variety of cleaning specialisations according to your workplace cleaning needs.

Access to other cleaning technology –  With a contracted commercial office cleaning, you’ll gain the advantage of having your workplace cleaned using the latest cleaning technology and approach. Unlike most domestic home cleaning that uses conventional cleaning apparatus and cleaning sets, most commercial office cleaning services have access and knowledge to the latest cleaning trends, equipment, and methods in dealing with various workplace conditions.

Strict cleaning schedule – All commercial cleaning services follow a strict cleaning schedule. They often operate at a given hour duration and expect them to be done according to the given time frame to avoid interrupting working hours.

Greater expense – Professional office cleaning services often come at a larger cost compared to domestic cleaning. With all the use of the latest cleaning equipment and the level of contract agreement, the service charge is higher. So if you’re planning to opt for commercial or even office carpet cleaning in Singapore, be prepared for bigger expenses compared to what you would often pay for a single domestic carpet cleaning service. Hence, commercial cleaning services are considered a business investment.


Commercial Cleaning Service Pricing

Commercial cleaning comes with a range of pricing options, unlike other domestic and housekeeping services where they are paid according to their service charge per hour (which are often around $25 to $150 depending on where you live and the size of your home). It can be a challenge and often intricate to come up with an average and reasonable pricing estimate when it comes to commercial cleaning services.

While it may seem like commercial service quotes are getting pulled out of the thin air, several factors determine the pricing of most commercial cleaning firms. Hiring professional office cleaning services in Singapore may cost a lot more depending on the following factors:

  • Prices per square foot
  • commercial hourly rates
  • flat rates
  • number of rooms and windows needed for cleaning
  • size of your office
  • type of cleaning required by the workplace (and other additional needs)
  • time required

Getting pricing to your workplace needs will depend on the precise information provided according to the listed factors above. Once your workplace has determined and settled all the information accurately, the cleaners will provide you with the exact pricing.

Hiring An Ideal Commercial Cleaning Service

When you embark on your search for the best commercial cleaning services in your area, be sure to rely on client reviews and the scope of services they provide. Ask about the firm’s ability to deliver what your office may need when it comes to cleaning be it for sanitation, pest control or upholstery cleaning. An ideal commercial cleaning firm should have the skill-set and emphasises the training of their staff.

When it concerns commercial cleaning, it should be geared towards providing a healthy and productive environment for workers. It is one of the main foundations for business success. Lukis is a commercial cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services for creating a safe and clean office environment. Visit Lukis for your commercial cleaning solution needs!