Ever Wondered why people don’t buy or subscribe?

Well it’s simply because your website is shit. It’s true, I mean mostly we get from our family or friends compliments and fake comments because they don’t want to hurt our feelings, but guess what they are hurting, our business!

That’s why real honest feedback is so important, yet it’s so hard to get.
Friends won’t give it.
Family won’t give it.
Even strangers won’t give it, because why would a stranger wanna sound mean to a person he doesn’t know.

Which is why you find thousands of people wondering why customers are not buying or subscribing from their website or social media, and they keep on asking people around them what they think of their website or social media, and they keep on replying “it looks so nice” “I love it” “super” “wow amazing”.
And you can’t blame them, we also do that to other people, I mean why be the party pooper, especially that they are looking to hear for affirmation.

That is why after seeing so many people suffer, we as a team decided that we have to put an end to all this suffering and “honest lying”, and start giving people the true real feedback they deserve, so we came up with the concept of zootests, yes we wanted it to be animalistic in terms of giving you a variety of perspectives, as well we are wild and honest just like the beautiful animals.

So finally today we are serving thousand’s of people from around the world, and helping them improve and succeed by actually telling them everything wrong about their website, as well guide them to how to improve their website for quick wins, as well to ensure conversion at every turn.

Honesty is what everybody needs, you can check it out for yourself www.testszoo.com
You can try it for anything, heck even for a project or just want a second opinion. Second opinion never hurts, we recommend even four opinions.

We really look forward to continue this amazing journey of giving honest feedback, and helping every person at every industry, especially in today’s online era, its so important to be spot on in face of the hard competition.

Looking forward to fu*k you with honesty.
Have a great honest day.