Finest Solar Panels as Per your choices Now

Although the share of solar energy remains lower in Switzerland than in other European countries, this solution has experienced exponential growth in our territory in recent years.Being both renewable and low in pollution, solar energy has established itself as an excellent alternative to fossil fuels.

Maybe you want to take the plunge and switch to a solar installation, but many questions remain? You are probably wondering how it works? What do we gain? How much does it cost? When it comes to the industrial solar power system then all these aspects are to be checked and understood.

Presentation of solar installations

There are two types of solar panels: photovoltaic solar panels and thermal solar panels.

These solar panels do not have the same operation and perform different functions:

The photovoltaic solar panel captures sunlight to generate electricity. The solar thermal panel will recover the heat produced by the sun’s rays to produce hot water. It will therefore be necessary to choose the type of solar panel according to the use for which it is intended.The solar thermal panel can be composed of different types of collectors. The choice of sensors will again depend on your energy needs:

Flat glass collectors: used to produce hot water and provide additional heating in a well-insulated house, they are ideal for individuals.

Flat glass vacuum collectors: just like flat glass collectors, they allow the production of hot water. Their power allows water to be heated faster at a higher temperature. That is why they are more aimed at companies with industrial processes. However, they can also be used to concentrate heat at a single point in homes with insufficient roof space.

Hybrid collectors: combining both hot water and electricity production, they provide individuals with the energy needed to operate their heat pump. 

The advantages and disadvantages of a solar installation

Based on the use of renewable energy, the installation of solar panels in Karachi offers many advantages to individuals and professionals:

A reduction in CO 2 emissions: the use of an installation can significantly reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. For example, 8 m² of sensors can prevent a release equivalent to one tonne of CO 2or the equivalent of 8,000 km of journeys by car.

A reduction in your energy bill: installing solar panels allows you to reduce the use of other energies (gas, fuel oil, electricity, etc.), which will have a positive impact on your bill.

Complementarity with your existing heating system: a solar installation has the advantage of being complementary with your heating system. This means that the changes needed to make the system operational will only be minor.

Become self-sufficient part of the year: during periods of strong sunshine (May to September), you will be able to do without your heating system to meet your electricity and hot water needs.