Fashion Terminologies That You Should Know

The vocabulary of fashion can be difficult to understand. If you’re having trouble deciphering any of the fashion jargon, this article will assist you.

Haute Couture

Haute couture, is a French term. It refers to high dressmaking.   Sometimes, the term applies to designer garments. Haute couture garments are fully designed by hand. These clothes are costly, and creators only make a few of them per season, so supplies are minimal. The clothes are designed to order, which means they are customized to the size of the person who will be wearing them. Famous people also wear these kinds of outfits. Maybe after scooping a jackpot at online casinos united states, you can buy them because they are expensive.

Fashion Label

The tern means latest creators or latest designers. The word refers to designers who create limited-edition clothing as well as ready-to-wear clothing. Most of the garments are costly, and not more expensive, than those offered by experienced designer wear. The costumes are incredibly trendy.


The term ensemble refers to an outfit that is complete with accessories. The outfit has everything including jewellery as well as shoes and other things. If you wear an outfit complete with everything, then you will be wearing an ensemble. The French word, ensemble is often used fashion designers.


Silhouette is an outfit’s basic form. Uneven and flared are fine examples of the silhouette. Wearing the correct silhouette will guarantee you’re going to be comfortable.


These would be clothing products which are mass-produced and easily accessible in supermarkets. These aren’t the same as designer clothing. These are garments that are available in a number of sizes. Perhaps playing the best payout online casino games will help you purchase this.


The lower edge of a jacket is referred to as the hemline. Depending on the width of the dress from the floor, the hemline is either shorter or longer.

In vogue

These are clothes that are common at the time. You might say that anything is in vogue instead of saying that it is in fashion. Fashion is a very interesting thing which is why you should lean all these things.