Few Things to Know While Shipping from USA To Peru

Peru has evolved as the star economy in Latin America. Therefore, many international companies are now thinking of shipping to this country to expand Business Empire. Peru has now emerged as the fastest-growing economy of this region with an average of 5.9% growth rate.

If you are in the USA and are planning to ship to Peru, (In the Spanish language they say envios a Peru) then there are many factors to keep in mind. The following are the few things that you must be aware of if you are thinking of shipping your item to Peru from America.

1.   Peru import tax and custom fees

For any particular country, the taxation will depend on the local GST/VAT, and also the item categories and their declared value. The threshold for tax and duty at which any person will begin paying taxes as per the declared item value.

Generally, Peru calculates by using the CIF value hence the taxes and import duty are computed as per the good’s value and shipping costs. While shipping to Peru, one must consider this value.

2.   Shipping documentation to Peru

For any international shipping, there are requirements of plenty of documentation, which are often too confusing and also time-consuming for any inexperienced person. You must know how to generate all these paper works before shipping your goods to Peru so that your entire process becomes easier.

You must rather automate this process if you are going to make regular shipping to Peru to avoid confusion. The following documents are needed:

  • Battery statement
  • Commercial invoice
  • Tax documents and shipping labels

3.   Shipping restrictions and prohibited items to Peru customs

Before shipping to Peru, it is very important to know whether there are any distinct arrangements to make while shipping them or even if the items are fully legal. You must therefore try to get the entire shipping regulations meant for Peru or any other countries where you want to export.

Try to obtain the list of items under the following category.

  • Tobacco
  • Seeds
  • Prohibited Items
  • Plants
  • Fresh Food
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Drugs
  • Currency
  • Chemicals
  • Animals
  • Alcohol

The above list of restricted items usually changes very frequently. Hence, it is always necessary to keep yourself updated by checking with the official customs page before sending your items.

1.   Non-tariff restrictions

There are few items that you must register with their Ministry of Health, e.g. perfumes, vet products, and cosmetics. If the raw materials are imported must be transformed into certain exportable products, then they will not be taxed.

2.   Procedures of import

For importing something to Peru, a certain Customs Merchandise Declaration will be needed by customs for few things e.g. an insurance letter, packing list, a commercial invoice, and bill of lading, or an airway bill.

The procedure may also vary from country to country. Therefore, before shipping any goods to Peru, it is important to be fully aware of all these procedures.

The economic outlook looks quite bright for Peru. Therefore, more private investment is expected in the near future in Peru.