Find Out the Next Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

As construction activity increases in New York, so too does the number of accidents on construction sites. When busy metropolitan cities begin to run out of valuable real estate on the ground, they begin building upwards. In theory, this works well but it makes construction work inherently dangerous for anyone on the job. Construction work is considered some of the most dangerous work in New York. While construction workers account for only 5 percent of the entire workforce in New York, they make up nearly 30 percent of all on the job fatalities.

Workers undergo valuable safety training, but it often isn’t enough to prepare them for the serious injuries they suffer on construction sites. Nobody goes to work expecting to have an accident and sadly they take most people by surprise. 

Most victims understand they need to consult with experienced construction accident lawyers, but they have no idea which steps to take immediately following a construction accident. Here’s what to do.

Get Emergency Medical Care

First and foremost, you must get emergency medical care after a construction accident. These accidents can be traumatic and severe. Immediate medical attention can be lifesaving. Even if your injuries seem minor, get medical attention anyway. The body often suffers shock after trauma and may not be immediately recognizing the symptoms of serious injuries

Document the Scene if Possible

Depending on the severity of your injuries, document the scene if you can. Snap a few pictures with your smartphone to preserve evidence. You’ll be surprised how quickly it disappears. Get contact information from any potential witnesses on or near the scene. It also helps to take note of any potential video cameras seen in the area which may have caught the accident on tape.  

Report to Your Supervisor

The accident will need to be reported to your immediate supervisor, but you should get emergency medical care first. If you are a full-time employee, then you’ll likely qualify for worker’s compensation benefits, but they may deny the claim. Over half of all worker’s compensation claims are initially denied in New York.

Call a Construction Accident Lawyer

You should call a construction accident lawyer as soon as you are able. Briefly explain the circumstances and make an appointment for an in-person consultation. An experienced construction accident attorney will advise you on preserving your rights and maximizing the value of your claim until you retain council.

In the meantime, avoid making statements regarding your accident and don’t speak to any insurance representatives. Insurance companies can be sneaky. If they are offering you a check, then you probably have a strong claim. If you do make a statement, they will likely use your own words against you to deny your claim. 

Save Relevant Documentation

Make a folder and save all relevant documentation. Take every receipt for medication, medical bill, and correspondence from worker’s compensation and keep it in that folder. Make notes about anything you remember from the day of the accident and keep them there as well. This is also where you’ll put all your evidence from documenting the scene, witness contact information, and accident reports. 

Consult Experienced Construction Accident Lawyers

Contact experienced construction accident lawyers as soon as you are able. Tell them your story and take your folder of documentation to the consultation. Skilled construction accident lawyers will help protect your rights and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. They will maximize the value of your claim and help recover the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries. Most of all, they will handle all the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on your recovery. Partner with experienced construction accident attorneys today.