Five major Characteristics of a Social Entrepreneur

“Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur,” said Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.

Definitions of success often come in many shapes and sizes. The measure of success for most entrepreneurs is usually financial gain. However, the path of a social entrepreneur is slightly different. In social entrepreneurship, success is measured by the degree of positive impact on people’s lives. Social entrepreneurship is the process of developing innovative organizations to address social, cultural, and environmental problems. Social Entrepreneurs prioritize social, cultural, and/or environmental concerns and work to improve society. They really want to influence people’s lives and change them for the better.

Here are the five main characteristics of a social entrepreneur:


Social entrepreneurs need to cultivate curiosity about people and the problems they face. The best social entrepreneurs want to truly understand the needs and want of the people they serve. Large social enterprises often start with in-depth market research, an empathetic process in which social entrepreneurs gain knowledge in the field.


To design effective solutions, social entrepreneurs need to be inspired by people and the problems they face. Inspiration motivates action and helps social entrepreneurs face challenges that others avoid.


Social entrepreneurs face some of the most daunting challenges our society has to offer. This often creates a recipe for failure early on. However, successful social entrepreneurs are those who continue to overcome initial failures and continually provide effective solutions. Experienced social entrepreneurs know how to learn from failure, adapt their methods, and make continuous strategic improvements. Don’t give up if you fail the first time!


Changing the world takes time, effort, and experimentation. While visions of massive social change can be inspiring, seasoned social entrepreneurs know they need to take small steps to achieve their goals. Great social endeavors are not born overnight!

Openness to cooperation:

Even if you feel lonely when you start to change the world, it’s important to remember that social entrepreneurship is a team sport and others are there to help. Social entrepreneurs must remain open and alert to potential opportunities for partnership and collaboration. In many cases, joint initiatives and joint ventures can achieve social/business goals much more effectively than individual initiatives.

Raymond Stone Toronto is a Toronto-based healthcare entrepreneur, investor, photographer, wildlife, and wildlife conservation. Raymond Stone Toronto grew up in South Africa, which instilled in him a love of wildlife, especially during his frequent visits to Kruger National Park. That passion for animals led Raymond to philanthropy and photography.