Five Unique and Interesting cheer fundraiser ideas

Is it becoming difficult for your cheer leading team to cover all the costs of your uniforms, performances, and competitions for the year? Are you thinking of doing a fundraising activity? A lot of groups have been seeking additional sources through these events. Many cheer fundraiser ideas have helped ease the financial burden of cheerleaders and their families in carrying on their careers.

However, the problem is that there already exist many fundraising ideas that make them so common and not attractive anymore. Activities like pep rallies, setting up garage sales, and selling cookies or merchandise seem traditional or cliché. Therefore, the challenge for cheerleaders is to think of a unique and interesting fundraiser to ensure that it will pay off. Thankfully, here are five ideas that you can consider in your brainstorming and planning. But then, it is still up to you if you will pepper them up with your approach to make them more appealing. What will make it distinct is your cause or the purpose of what you will be doing.

Organizing a cheerleading clinic

Note that this requires time, effort, and commitment. But this is an excellent way to advocate not only your team but also the cheerleading career in general. With this, you can share your knowledge and talent while improving yourself even more. You can promote it to local elementary or middle school students for an affordable fee. You can schedule it for 2-3 hours on weekends, wherein your team can teach kids basic cheers and moves. You can culminate a performance in front of parents. You can invite them to games and cheer with your squad.

Offering tutorial services

Debunk the stereotype that cheerleaders are bunches who do not do their homework. For sure, many in your team can teach others with various school subjects that are hard for them to comprehend. Your squad can help with homework and projects to students for small donations. You can set it up as a discussion group if one-on-one is not manageable. This service is a perfect opportunity when the finals or midterms are approaching.For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Performing a fashion show

Not only a simple fashion show, but you can also advocate for recycling old clothes by creating new designs out of them. The models will not be a problem. Everyone in your team loves to perform in front of many people. You can have the show in your school’s gymnasium or a restaurant’s event room. You can ask for entrance fees at low rates. Also, you can set up bidding for the audience.

Organizing a movie night

It does not need to be in a movie house with sophisticated equipment. Choose a good movie. Ask permission from your school to use the gym and borrow their projector and screen. You can also have a film under the stars. Do not forget pizza and drinks. You can ask for sponsorship from a local pizza place to trim your capital. Sell tickets for a price that is affordable for students. You can also have a promo or discount for those who will purchase in groups.

Setting up a book drive

The good thing with this is you do not need to buy new books. You can ask your members, their friends and families to donate books that they no longer read. Next, you can set up a booth in your school or during a significant event, and partner with local organizations or your school’s administration. Make sure to organize the books according to the topic, as the more organized they are, the more accessible for people to find the books they are looking for. Sell them at lower prices. More books, more gains!

Get it started

These mentioned fundraisers may not be ordinary, but they will be helpful if thoroughly planned, publicized, and executed. To gain a good amount of money and benefit from these activities, your team must assign each other roles to take, such as who will be in charge of buying stuff, of handling the money, of staying in the booths, or of promoting the event to others personally and online. Now, after you have considered these things, it is time to meet with your whole squad and do the necessary brainstorming. In your planning, consider what is the most appropriate and the most convenient activity for all of you. After this, it is now time to consolidate your efforts as a team and make your fundraising activity a success.