Food That Can Be Given To Your French Bulldog

One of the most important things that should be noted if you are a French bulldog owner is to provide your Frenchie with the best diet. Frenchie dogs a really cute breed of dogs who loves to be pampered. It is important to provide them a nutritious meal so that they can have a healthy life. These dogs are well known for being vulnerable in both cold as well as hot weather. This means that extra care should be taken for these dogs. It is important for them to be fed well. If you are wondering what to give your Frenchie in his meal, here is a guide.

Dry food

Dry food is food without any kind of moisture. You can easily get hold of French bulldog dry food in any pet shop. There are certain pros and cons of this food that should be noted. It is no doubt a cost-friendly Frenchie dog food with a very long shelf life. Another advantage of dry food is that it helps in keeping the teeth of your Frenchie strong. It contains all the necessary nutrients, minerals, and carbohydrates. This will help in keeping the Frenchie strong and healthy.  There are some cons as well as it can have a negative impact on the digestive tract.

Wet food

Wet French dog food is available in cans and contains a lot of water. These too can be easily bought in any nearby pet store.  The French bulldogs are known to love it even when they are very lucky about what they eat.  If your Frenchie is suffering from any kind of dental problem, this can be the best option.  This food can be served when your Frenchie is sick. Since it is wet, there is less chance for the teeth of the dogs to be strong.  It is more costly than dry ones.


If you love cooking, then it’s time to wear the apron for your cute little Frenchie dog. Go to the kitchen and start cooking. It has a lot of advantages, first of all, you get more time to spend with your French bulldog and provide them all the nutrition and carbohydrates they require.  If your dog has any kind of food allergy, items can be added or excluded. However, it is very important for the owner to ensure that the homemade meal is properly balanced and this can be a bit tricky.