Kids born in the ’90s often feel nostalgic for their childhood as they have the fondest of the “simpler days” before technology progressed and brought changes in the world. As technological advancements have produced cell phones, computers, and the internet, the world became fascinated, curious, and afraid with the verge of a new millennium. And, back in the day, candies were among the things that allowed kids to have a sweet escape from the impending doom of the new millennium.

Accordingly, ’90s kids reminisce the sweet and sour memories of their childhood through eating their favorite candies. During the early-’00s, it is easier to buy retro candy as much of the candies are available in stores. However, as the decade progresses, many sweets were phased out from the shelves of candy stores.

But, ’90s kids should not get upset with some of their favorite snacks getting extinct from market shelves, as they can find other nostalgic sweets online. Some online candy shops, such as Candy District, offer candies from the 1990s, such as eFruitte Gummy Candy, Nerds Rope, Reese’s Nutrageous Candy Bar, Baby Bottle Pops, and Cry Baby Bubble Gum, that can help people have a chance to look back at their most memorable and most unforgettable childhood moments.

This infographic blog from Candy District lists ten retro candies from the 1990s that will bring people back to the tasty decade of their childhood.

Top 10 Candies from the 1990