Four Tips when Choosing a Social Media Influencer in Singapore

Social media influencers are thought leaders and trusted sources whose fame can do wonders for a brand. Regardless of your industry and products or services you offer, a positive recommendation from an influential, trusted source can help build brand awareness and expand your business’ reach.  It is just important to find the right influencer for your brand and niche.

Here are some tips to help you find the best singapore influencer:

Determine your Target Network

As you look for the right influencer, you must understand your target network. The right network is the most effective for your target audience. Understanding your target network will help you identify an influencer that has a strong following and presence on this network.

Prioritise Brand Fit First

Before you look for the right influencer, make sure you have a defined and clear brand purpose first. This makes sure your target audience can identify your brand. 

Assess their Audience and Engagement

As you look for the best influencer to make your brand known to your target audience, you need to assess the audience of your influencer. This will ensure their audience corresponds with your target audience and following.  Also, you want to pick an influencer that generates the most engagement on social media platforms. The best influencer delivers content that gets the most engagement.

Identify Possible Influencers

Understand the kid of influencers in Singapore you will want to work with. Although there is no particular guideline for categorizing them they can be identified based on the size of their following. For instance, influencers with millions of followers are called mega influencers. Those with 100, 000 to 1 million followers are called macro-influencers. Those with fewer than 100k followers are called micro-influencers. Influencers can be journalists, bloggers or vloggers, celebrities, experts or thought leaders, and regular people. 

After you find a great influencer to partner to help you boost your brand’s visibility, make sure you come up with actionable goals for influencer campaigns. Spreading the news about your offerings is wonderful and a reliable influencer can help you do this effectively and quickly. But, a smart campaign needs to have an actionable goal so it can create more engagement for your brand and invite excitement. Whether you want to initiate a user-generated content contest or a sharing campaign, ensure you will have a memorable campaign. You can make this happen by engaging your chosen influencer as the ringmaster of the contest.