Frequently Asked Questions about Junk Removal Services

Junk is one thing that everyone has but doesn’t want to deal with. When you renovate, buy new furniture and personal items, you always end up packing unused stuff in boxes and leaving them in the garage, your garden shed, or the attic. Over time, garbage can pile up, and you eventually run out of space. Junk removal services are a convenient solution to removing and disposing of trash from your home.

But what do you know about hiring a waste removal service? What is some important information you need to know when you hire a company for junk removal in Fort Lauderdale and book an appointment? Here is a list of the commonly asked questions customers ask every time they consider professional assistance when dealing with trash.

When is it absolutely necessary to hire a garbage removal company?

Anytime you feel you don’t have the time, energy, or capacity to get rid of junk in your home, a trash removal service is your solution. They will handle any job, whether big or small. One example is disposing of old appliances and furniture. Another situation is when you renovate and have construction debris that needs hauling away. Junk removal is also commonly used in estate clean-up and in restoring rental properties for new tenants.

Will a waste removal company refuse to take some types of waste?

It will depend on the company you are hiring. Generally, any household garbage will be taken. But, it is possible that some services won’t dispose of dangerous chemicals and other bio-hazards. You may want to inquire beforehand if you need assistance in disposing of hazardous items.

Is the company insured and licensed?

A reliable junk hauling company is always licensed. It is also critical for a disposal company to have insurance. Garbage disposal is a delicate job, and they need to ensure that clients have confidence in their services by having insurance cover in case of any damage or accidents which may occur.

Can you get an exact price when you call for a quote?

Every junk hauling job is different since the nature and type of junk vary from one client to another. What you describe on the phone may not be the exact scenario by the time the service comes over. As such, the price of the service will change depending on various factors and circumstances.

Do they pay to pick up stuff that is still worth money?

In general, the service will only pick up and dispose of any junk you wish to be taken away. They will not pay for items that are still worth money. However, you may ask the company if they can donate some of your things or drop them off at a Goodwill center. You may instead, sort through your things and keep some of the items you can still sell at thrift stores.

How is the cost determined?

The volume of junk usually determines the cost. Since junk removal companies typically estimate the cost per truckload, price points vary depending on whether they can fill the truck or not. Although prices already include labor, there may be extra charges that apply depending on specific circumstances underlying the job.