When we were born, at every point of time once in a life you would have heard that excessive use of gaming or playing games all the time can result in a bad future or can spoil your future. But in reality, we all know that there are so many gaming apps by which our future can be a bright one as we can earn money from them. There is some gaming app by which we can earn a lot of money by some of them are fraud so you should be careful every time. So let’s have a look at some of the best gaming app for earning money. 

  • DREAM 11

Dream 11 is one of the most trending gaming apps by which you can easily earn money. You can create your self-own and owned fantasy team in which the players can be selected from any country. Based the performance of these players in real matches will help you to earn points which translates into earnings. 

This gaming app offers its services not only to cricket but also to sports like football, basketball, and baseball. Also, dream 11 was announced as the official sponsor of IPL 2020 which tells us that these gaming apps have a lot of value in the market and by using them you can earn a lot of money. This is not less than a jackpotjill you can earn a huge amount if your prediction goes right. 


 After dream 11, the rummy circle is the biggest online gaming app for earning money. Also, the rummy circle is not only India’s biggest app but also in many other countries. In this game, you have to form a sequence of 4 or 3 cards and have to change your cards with your partners or with other players playing that game to achieve success. 

The free version of this game offers you great practice before you get into the premium one. It is an online card-playing app, mostly similar to american online casinosThe Rummy circle app can be downloaded from both Apple and Android app stores. This game also counted amongst the top Indian gaming apps. Not only a successful earning app but also this app is the most trusted one, especially in India. 

  • LOCO

Loco is another popular online quizzing platform in which people usually answer the general questions asked at that lifetime. It helps the users to earn huge amounts and gifts just by giving correct answers. This app can also be downloaded from both the Android and iOS stores. 


By playing these online games like american online casinos, you can easily earn some great huge amounts. Several online gaming apps help every user to register them at their websites for free of cost and help them to earn a jackpotjill. Not only this, but gaming app also helps an individual to predict its future just by earning more and more amounts just by registering into some good gaming apps like dream 11 or rummy circle.