PC gaming for beginners now time   

Isn’t it true that we’ve all begun somewhere? Some of us are born with the ability to hack and slash our rivals into oblivion, while others tend to take it slowly and ease into the gaming world. PCs are an excellent way to begin gaming since almost everybody owns or has access to one.

We’ve compiled a collection of PC games that are not only free but also easy to play. There is no fast-paced action or mind-bending puzzles in these games. .


Firewatch is a fantastic game that can be played by anyone, regardless of skill level. Players take charge of Henry, a fire lookout stationed in the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming in 1989. The game is first-person, but it mostly consists of exploration as you walk through the forest and sometimes chat on the radio with a woman called Delilah. The game is just a few hours long, and as you form a friendship with Delilah and solve a few mysteries along the way, you’ll get another fascinating storey. 


Minecraft is available on almost any current platform, has a broad, enduring appeal, and can be played by almost anyone without difficulty. Players are thrown into a 3D world made up of hundreds of different types of cubes, where they can do whatever they want. Do you want to put your survival skills to the test against hunger and monsters? That’s possible. Do you want to take your time and fly around the world? It’s all simple then. Do you want to build awesome cities or a small home for yourself? You should do it as well. 


RiME is the way to go if you like puzzles but aren’t a fan of side-scrollers. It’s a 3D third-person puzzle game set on an island that appears to be desolate. Players take control of a young boy and work their way to the top of a lighthouse by solving challenging puzzles. This is another game where thinking takes precedence over reflexes, but you’ll still need to respond quickly in a few situations.

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