Handy Shares Essential Web Apps Every Developer Must Have


Web Apps are getting more common and have more than enough resources to help developers in a pinch. Handy believes that you should make use of these resources to their fullest extent for more convenience and to get the job done. Here are some of the best web apps every developer must have:

The Apps

  1. Stack Exchange – Stack Exchange is a quintessential web app that developers just can’t do without. This nifty group of Q&A sites has topics with abundant range and is a reliable resource to 11 million users. On Stack Overflow, one of the specialized sites with programming at its heart has a dedicated group of developers who answer your queries within minutes. For beginners and even intermediate developers, it is indispensable. Next time you are stuck, just hit the stack.
  1. Online GDB – Opening a terminal or a new project every time for just a short snippet of codes can be bothersome and time-consuming. Online GDB is here to introduce you to a new world of convenience. It is an all in one browser-based interpreter, compiler, and debugger that supports 20 different programming languages with Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Swift, and more in the list. Since it is browser-based, you can also try it anywhere you want as long as you have a phone with an internet connection.
  1. Regex 101 – If you want to explore regular expressions, this app is the obvious choice. Based on your pre-defined regex, you can just paste a text and find its matches. However, that’s not the end of its functionality. It also offers a dynamic explanation behind the workings of the regex and displays errors, if any.
  1. Font Awesome – An online directly of free icons with an impressive count of 1500. You can make use of FontAwesome for prototype projects before designs have been finalized. You get everything from useful symbols to application icons, and brand icons. For web apps, you can directly use them via JavaScript and for other projects, you can download them in either SVG or OpenType format.
  1. GitHub – Any list of resources for developers is incomplete without GitHub. The web service allows you to manage and access Git repositories and features like project releases, wikis, tracking, and encourages more open source participation, unlike any other platform. It is a place that lets you manage, document, and even release a software project.
  1. Unicode Table – If you ever wanted a directory with Unicode for everything from emojis and currencies to Chinese characters, Unicode Table has you covered. For each character, you get the full pastable version of not just Unicode, but CSS and HTML codes as well.


Handy suggests that you make full use of these web apps to learn, improve, and cut down on some of the hassles in your coding experience. If used efficiently, they can give you a significant boost in productivity that would go a long way in your developing (pun intended) career.