How a doula does certified help professionally in child birth?

The childbirth is altogether a very stressful affair and is said to be a new birth for the mother. The doulas are the professionals who have the expertise in child birth. They give the mother emotional as well as physical and educational supports. They guide the mother to understand the importance of labour pain and in this way they help the women to have a safe and memorable birthing experience.

How does doula operate?

The relationship of doula certified and the client begins from few months before the baby is born. This is a period when the relationship is developed and the mother feels free to ask questions to the doula. The mother gradually expresses the fears and the concerns that they undergo during this period. They need someone to share their feelings and there is no one better than doula.

  • Doula certified are available even on phone so that they can respond to the expecting mothers that might arise even during emergency hours.
  • They have the expertise to understand and guide the mothers but do not provide any type of medical care. Of course you will find that they are quite knowledgeable as far as labor and delivery is concerned.
  • At the time of delivery, the doulas are with the mother constantly. They are capable to provide all the comfort and know the techniques for painrelief.
  • They teach the mother different techniques like breathing and other relaxation techniques to avoid the stress that is quite natural during this period.

The doulas expect that the partners should be co-operative during the time of pregnancy. The main advantage to have doula is that the mother will go through a positive child birth. The mothers are also less likely to have a caesarean birth; instead a normal delivery. The entire process form pregnancy to child birth is very encouraging and positive due to doulas.