How Can I Legally Travel In A Campervan With My Pet In The UK?

Pets are one more member of the family according to pet insurance quote, and for this reason, more and more people include them in their vacation plans when traveling. This is confirmed by a study carried out by some group of people that ensures that a third of Spaniards with pets want to travel with them.

However, the ‘mascoteros’ face many obstacles when planning their trips if they want to take their dog, cat, or any other domestic species with them using the van insurance comparison. For example, airlines’ restrictions to bring pets onboard or the difficulties of finding hotels and other types of accommodation that accept the entry of animals are some of the common problems that force many owners to leave their faithful companions of four legs at home.

But luckily, there are more and more ”pet-friendly options when it comes to traveling, and now a new alternative is motorhome tourism. One of the largest online platforms for the rental of motorhomes and camper vans in Europe with the campervan insurance uk, has responded to one of its users’ main demands. Since last November 1, it already allows traveling with animals in its vehicles.

With this initiative, lovers of road tourism will have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable trip without leaving their pets according to pet insurance quote. The mechanics are straightforward. During the rental process, the option to ‘travel with a pet’ must be selected in the different services section. This will have an added cost for the entire stay intended for the subsequent cleaning and sanitation of the vehicle. This service will have a slight limitation, and that is that for reasons of space, you can only travel with a pet of up to 30 kilos per van.

Some traveling companies point out that “they hope to expand their services and that in a short period the option of traveling with pets will be available for all trips throughout the world as a whole regardless of where they start and end.”

Some traveling companies have already received their first animal passenger. This can be Suki Cat or a dog who is passionate about travel. Some animals are passionate about traveling, and the owner should consider its passion since it’s part of the family. Those pets will enjoy it so well and will be very grateful to their owner.