How Pediatric Medicine is Different from Adult Medicine

Healthcare needs are unique to children as to adults. For this reason, it is good to understand where you can seek help for different needs affecting you and your children and get effective solutions. Fortunately, today you can find the care you need for your children and yourself under one roof. Among the best adults and pediatrics in Humble, the highly skilled team of board-certified practitioners at Calvary Urgent Care are outstanding. The team offers care services that can benefit your entire family, including primary care, urgent care, and specialty care for adults and pediatric patients of all ages.

Children’s health needs are very different from those of an adult patient. That is why, in this context, your child cannot be referred to as a young adult. Your child can experience a variety of complex issues that do not affect you. Besides, even those illnesses that affect both of you can cause very different symptoms to your child. This is because of physiology, anatomy, and developmental stages. Therefore, it is important to have all specialized medical care tailored to meet your children’s specific needs at any age.

Having adults and pediatrics specialists is essential to the child’s health, particularly those with long-term and chronic illnesses. This is because they are aging, and at one point, they will require to be addressed as an adult, and there will be complications that occur when changing health care providers. It is even more beneficial to the care providers as they have the patient’s medical history under one roof, improving the treatment’s efficiency.

Comparison Between Pediatric Medicine and Adult Medicine

Although there are general similarities between pediatric medicine and adult medicine, the experiences are very different. Here is how.

While there is an obvious difference in the administration portion of care for a child versus an adult, with the parent being the voice of decision making for the child as well as for themselves, the differences go deeper than that. 

The care a child needs differs from that of an adult because of the stage of development their body is in.  A specialist in pediatrics will know how to treat a child’s needs, while a general practitioner or specialist in a specific field will have a better knowledge of treating an adult.  Therefore, having a specific doctor for each stage available to you and your family is beneficial to your health needs. 

Having a severe illness is not a usual condition for most children and can present unique challenges when caring for the child. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to have serious conditions in adult patients, and therefore to care for them can be readily available.

Services You Can Receive from Adult and Pediatric Specialists

Despite the differences between pediatric medicine and adult medicine, it is great to have the  care for the entire family under one roof with specialists such as family physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians so you can receive all the care you require as a family. At Calvary Urgent Care, you can receive the following adult and pediatric services:

  •       Drug testing
  •       Minor office procedures
  •       Workers compensation care
  •       Pregnancy testing
  •       Sports, immigration, and school physicals
  •       Wound, burn, and fracture care
  •       Travel vaccines
  •       Confidential STD testing
  •       On-site pharmacy, diagnostic center, and laboratory
  •       Disease and illness testing and treatment

Your children’s medical care needs and yours are different. Therefore, it is good to seek the care that suits everyone’s unique needs, and adult and pediatric specialists have made it possible to seek care as a family. You can contact your providers at Calvary Urgent Care next time you need such care.